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Obama Campaign Co-Chair Eva Longoria Gets Schooled

Rick 2811 Wrote: Oct 19, 2012 8:17 AM
Of course Eva and the other Hollywood types are entitled to their opinion and quotes, but what they are not entitled to, and most likely not gety, is that anyone with half-an-ounce of brain matter follow her thinking. It's actually stuff like this that has propelled Romney to draw even with women support. The surge Romney is getting is surely based on women support. We can only hope that Axelrod/Obama keeps them {her} on to keep the surge going. Beyond a few college kids {groupies} no mature woman is going to be influenced by them {her}. Keep it up Eva girl...
skywalker58 Wrote: Oct 19, 2012 9:17 AM
One can only hope that as Leftist Hollywood and Leftist media continue to open their mouths and display their ignorance, or their own personal hatred that they accuse others of having, that the average person will see how twisted and illogical they are, how they are only pushing their own agenda and not being totally honest or truthful, or how stupid Leftist ideology is and will turn toward the truth. I pray that people's eyes are opened and they turn out in droves to show their disapproval for the twisted ideology of the Left.

Liberal celebrities want all of the adoration that social media engagement has to offer -- but none of the accountability that actual engagement requires. For the Hollywood elite, it's "do as they say, not as they tweet." But actress and outspoken Obama campaign co-chair Eva Longoria learned a hard lesson this week on Twitter:


Conservatives online are mad as hell and aren't taking it anymore.

On Tuesday night after the second presidential debate, Longoria shared a "retweet" from one of her 4.4-plus million followers on the micro-blogging network. "I have no idea why any...