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Obama is at Fault

Rick 2811 Wrote: Jan 12, 2013 11:01 AM
It won't surprise me, and shouldn't others, to, learn when history talks about Obama, that even he doesn't believe his own rhetoric. He knows now that the "opposite" of what he talks about publically is going to be his policy. How could he distort, lie and characterize so much in the wrong matter and not be aware of it ? Impossible ! He knows that if he spoke truth, none of his fascist agenda would come to law. He must be duplicitous, deceptive and salacious in order to at least get some things done...and so that what he does. And he does it under the guise of being a "nice guy" to many folk !

Do you remember what the mainstream media mainly talked about as the country careened toward the fiscal cliff? Did they talk about the harmful economic effects of impending tax increases? Did they talk about which tax increases would be worse than others? Did they talk about the need to get rid of waste in government without causing economic harm?

No. None of that. The taking heads and opinion writers focused like a laser on one and only one question: who was going to get the blame if we went over the cliff.

Up next will be the debt ceiling deadline (in...