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Let's Tax Matt Damon

Rick 2811 Wrote: Nov 23, 2012 8:10 AM
Perhaps a way to solve the "tax the rich" problem is to divide the rich. As mentioned, the "rich in Hollywood" and others who don't hire and create jobs could pay a lot higher % of taxes; they admittedly like and support that. On the other hand, wealthy "job creators", entrepreneurs...etc pay a much lower tax %, thus enabling them to invest the saved money in their business to grow and create jobs. They invest in their own company and hire other workers/ tax payers who would contribute to the total tax obligation needed...everyone happy...Hollywood, NFL, NBA, MLB and many others are happy...problem solved and America is happy too !!

In the name of shared sacrifice, it’s time to impose a tax on the $7 billion in box office receipts that Hollywood generates.

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