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How the Mainstream Media Finally Drove Me Mad

Rick 2811 Wrote: Nov 19, 2012 8:21 AM
Wow, a 26 tear-old son...she barely looks 26 herself. Those excellent looks are only exceeded by her excellent brain, comments and video making. I can't quite rid myself of cable/television because I still enjoy sports on the tube. As for anything else, besides Fox, which I also filter and fast-froward as needed, I don't know or care about much else. I guess I'm an elitist because I just can be "dumb-downed" that way to follow any pop-culture show. Occasionally, while turning the channel, one can't help but to run across some of it and wonder: why and how could this entertain anyone, anywhere and then you remember "dumb-down." I know a liberal who just loves free govt stuff knows nothing about Obama but everything about Jerry Springer.


That’s what it finally took to get anyone in the mainstream media to talk about Benghazi.  But of course they’re not talking about the brutal murder of four Americans on 9/11/12, nor the potential cover-up occurring now—nope, it’s all about sex, baby.

Yes, I’ve known for years that the mainstream media news was not only dead but had never really existed other than as a political tool for the progressive agenda.  Still, I had hopes that a story as huge as Benghazi would cut across political lines and get the attention it deserved.  I thought maybe there would...

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