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Democrats: 154 Years of Progress Uninterrupted by Common Decency

Rick 2811 Wrote: Aug 26, 2012 10:35 AM
Of course many hope, as I do, that America will come to its senses someday and do away with abortion as they did with the abolition of slaves. Let's hope it doesn't take another Civil War...In determining the question of when life begins, I always beg for the answer to: if all human beings go through exactly the identical process to be born, why is it that one can stop that process at their own choosing at any time and it not be wrong? Even criminal? If one shouldn't stop birth a day or minutes before exiting the womb, why is not stopping after conception as equally horrible? Obama has already told us how he feels; isn't that so sad ! Christian...afraid not !!

The once-every-four-years national convention season begins this week with the Republican Party finalizing the nomination of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  Democrats take their turn the following week with the renomination of Barack Obama and, presumptively, Joe Biden.  ;-)

The whole political party system was not even in place in the United States until well after George Washington’s first oath of office.  The first semblance of a political party formed out of a remnant of the Federalists, who organized the U.S. Constitution in 1787.  According to my legacy 1964-65 Encyclopedia Britannica, “The political group which became known as the Federalist party...

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