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It ought to be clear, even to some doubting Democrats, that what Obama says is actually the opposite of what's taking place. He promotes the 7.1 million now, but when the true stats appear, if ever, he'll deny, as in the past many times, that he even said it. Of course, most newspapers and television will agree ! What's more, how can Obama/govt give out subsidies to the poor and not know their income and how much of a subsidy to give them and whether they paid or not...makes little sense ! Surprise !!
what's with the "Loyal Dem" label ? You are being satirical because no one could actually believe what's written above...right ? Odd !
There is just too much evidence from the old USSR, China, North Korea, Cuba and any other ideologies that can't stand on the merits of their ideology, that proves they must silence newspapers and any decent. For example, why would Democrats, and particularly the Obama administration when first elected, go after Fox News and "Talk Radio" to try and stifle them...or am I wrong and Obama, really likes Fox News and "Talk Radio...he just loves the forced transparency that he so admires, promotes and supported before and after elected ?? Time and time again we see that Obama is about as transparent as the first mentioned ideologies ! Especially so when conveying his "flexibility to Putin."
Let me guess, liberals all throughout America feel Jeb Bush would be a great presidential candidate to run against Hilary Clinton; enough said ! When people like Bob Beckel, as Democrat and as left as they come before completely siding with Castro, hopes Ted Cruz gets the nomination: enough said !!
this is why "tort reform" will never happen regardless of the changes to Obamacare or anything else...just too many lawyers involved in politics...a great reason to vote in doctors and lay people !!
And progressives keep on progressing...astoundingly !!
As I suspected Charles Koch graduated from MIT with an engineering degree...two of them. He has never, ever declared a "tingle" for any one but gives millions and millions to charity and has 60,000 employees contributing to the livelihood of over an additional 240,000...wouldn't you love being under Matthew's definition of illiteracy ?
He may illiterate but he's 50 times richer and more worthwhile than Matthews could ever hope for; how many employees does Matthews have on his payroll ? Besides without really knowing I'd bet Charles Koch graduated from a more prestigious school than the old "tingle bird." Can you imagine having the reputation of "tingle bird" about Obama and bringing attention elsewhere to yourself ?
I try and substitute just camping and seeing nature instead of hunting...both good ways to do it...good story with lots of common sense and worthiness !!
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Why Hillary Clinton Will Win in 2016

Rick 2811 Wrote: Apr 02, 2014 9:26 AM
A few ago when I first came upon Ben Shapiro's writing I liked it and his views. Ben you have strayed too much. You seem to think truth/reality ought to be excluded from Republican policy and simply join Democrats in extolling untruths, lies and distortions as way to win over votes. You also seem to ignore that the media goes along with everything liberals do--especially what Obama does--that give their lies as huge boost ! If Democrats/liberalism can't be defeated with truths and facts then all is lost !
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How Foreign Is Our Policy?: Part II

Rick 2811 Wrote: Apr 02, 2014 9:05 AM
add to that "liberalism" is as bad as anything on the world scene including Islamic least it's out in the open and we fight against it...liberalism and Obama have hidden agendas which deals with the mind and emotions rather than truth and what's best for the world...liberalism is a sickness that can't, nor will ever, heal world problems. Matter of fact, it perpetuates them ! The example of Ukraine getting rid of their weapons is a perfect illustration of idiotic liberal policies and of course there are thousands of others. If you are having trouble recalling any...think Obamacare !
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