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Can 'Innocence of Muslims' Trailer Really be that Potent?

Rick 2811 Wrote: Sep 19, 2012 12:09 PM
Like so often the case with Democrats, Susan Rice, follows the old adage for them...denial ! What's so obvious to most others is temporarily lost to her. Soon tho' she'll say, without equivocation, the new evidence shows that it was a planned attack at the American site in Libya. Now don't look for this new evidence until after the election, but it will come as sure as there is a mustache in the Middle East. What's more, as with Billy Clinton and Monica, it will come without remorse, guilt or ill- feelings on anyone's all depends on the definition of "is" Susan Rice a lawyer too?
The Obama administration's omnibus answer to why the Middle East (and now much of the Muslim world) is in near open rebellion against the United States: The video did it.

The follow-up question no one seems to be asking is: "What if the administration's explanation is true?"

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney insists the attacks in Egypt, Libya and elsewhere were a "response not to United States policy, and not to, obviously, the administration, not to the American people," but were rather a spontaneous "response to a video, a film we have judged to be reprehensible...