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Spitting on Their Graves: Democrats Leave Benghazi Hearing Before Testimony From Families of Victims

Rick2477 Wrote: Sep 19, 2013 4:06 PM
Cute and typically, liberal. Conservatives, like myself ,have to accept the fact that we've lost and or are losing, on every front, except perhaps abortion and I believe that whatever gains we've made (victories) will be rolled back in the next Presidential election. War on Women to be played then -to great effect- like you've never seen. We're going to lose on the upcoming budget battle and then immigration. We will continue to lose if Bohner and McConnell comprise our leadership. We will continue to lose until we accept that fact that we are number two and need to play smarter. Picking the battles we can win and winning them. In the meantime, good decent, law abiding people just have to turn their heads and avert their eyes. It ain't pretty.
waynesteapartyworld Wrote: Sep 19, 2013 5:16 PM
Your scenario isn't an unlikely one, unfortunately, Rick2477, although I believe '14 Midterms could put the brakes on the Socialists, temporarily at least. The one thing that would change the nation's long term trajectory on-a-dime is if the U.S. dollar were removed as the Reserve currency and the U.S. were no longer able to print money. Not wishing for previous, but just food for thought.