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Report: Obama Makes Threats, Concedes Little During Fiscal Cliff 'Negotiations'

Rick2477 Wrote: Dec 26, 2012 3:40 PM
Just for lois.......President -I Hate America because it's filled with white people- Obama is not only the worst president of all time, but a colossal butt wipe as well. There will be blood in the streets one day and the blame can/will be laid squarely at the feet of liberal/progressive/communists.

While most media accounts of the fiscal cliff fiasco have focused on Republicans' travails, few have adequately noted Democrats' starring role in our current dysfunction.  Harry Reid obstructed a vote on the president's plan, Nancy Pelosi whipped votes against her own erstwhile plan, and the president has fully retreated from ideas he supported as recently as last year.  A pre-Christmas Wall Street Journal article walks readers through the failed...