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Managing Expectations: Team Obama Paints Romney as Best Debater in History

Rick2477 Wrote: Sep 29, 2012 6:22 PM
Just dropping in, and I have to admit, that this is pretty clever. Angels in giant vagina costumes dancing on the head of a pin, clever. The sail-eared wonder.... I wonder what the king, is doing tonite. He's wishing he were in Scotland, fishing tonite. What occupies his time while waiting for his bride, he's searching high and low for someplace to hide. Lol. Libs are just, absolutely, irrefutablely, the lowest life forms on the planet. Forward???????

For all President Obama's rhetorical gifts -- and despite the fact that he was widely viewed as the winner of all three presidential debates in 2008 -- Democrats appear to be engaged in a campaign of expectation-managing ahead of the upcoming matchups between Obama and Mitt Romney. Indeed, as the president's press team to his debate prep partern John Kerry would have it, Romney is a veritable reincarnation of one of history's greatest debaters, Abraham Lincoln himself.

Here's John Kerry opining on Romney's "mad skillz" at the podium (h/t Erika Johnsen):