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Democrats: 154 Years of Progress Uninterrupted by Common Decency

Rick2477 Wrote: Aug 26, 2012 11:24 AM
If you take something of value from another without their consent, it's stealing. A grade school aged child knows this. If the government takes from one and gives it to another, it's called being fair. The back drop to this, is a federal government that is broke and growing broker. And this in a country where roughly half the adult population pays no taxes at all. Clearly, the lefts endless chanting about Bush Tax Cuts and the Rich paying their share ignore the reality of the situation and are disingenuous at best. It will take leadership and reasoned adults to address this problem. Romney/Ryan represent a step in the right direction.

The once-every-four-years national convention season begins this week with the Republican Party finalizing the nomination of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  Democrats take their turn the following week with the renomination of Barack Obama and, presumptively, Joe Biden.  ;-)

The whole political party system was not even in place in the United States until well after George Washington’s first oath of office.  The first semblance of a political party formed out of a remnant of the Federalists, who organized the U.S. Constitution in 1787.  According to my legacy 1964-65 Encyclopedia Britannica, “The political group which became known as the Federalist party...

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