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Yuck. Liberal women, more so than men, despicable. Hose them all down; send them flying down the street like the nannies in the beginning of Mary Poppins.
Not really. When you look around the world, in country after country -mooslim- and even just beyond that label -India and Pakistan, where women and young girls are given fewer rights and consideration than a 'pet', dog or cat, in the US would be given, the world remains a pretty f'd up place. And not getting better but worse.
'Complain about Obama...' As if our toast had come from the kitchen cold. As if we had to wait in line too long to pay for our groceries. As if our neighbors dog had pooped on our lawn again. Obama, is an offense, a...hazard if you will, to America. We're way beyond 'complaining' here, lib buttw!pe.
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Obamacare Hates Babies

Rick2477 Wrote: Jan 04, 2014 8:23 AM
Can we please, pretty please, call it Obama's War on Babies?
True, but the argument in support of NSA data gathering goes something like: (in order to ferret out a few, we have to spy on everyone.) Which is pretty much like airport security theatre applied more broadly. You have to follow people with middle east (mooslim) ties. They may be brown-skinned; don't know, don't care. They want to destroy us. NSA should be able to make their case to the court(s) and go after them.
Love Charles. And the libs never counter him (to my knowledge) -with any type of sustainable argument. "Charles..."
RECEIVING? Bend over, you intellectually misguided liberal tw@t. Being forced to buy anything? Tell me of another product in another market, where you-and I do mean YOU, are/would be forced to buy a product you would otherwise...choose not to.
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Obamacare Taxmageddon 2014 is Here

Rick2477 Wrote: Jan 02, 2014 1:57 PM
Good question. But I believe it's happening. You F with someone's wallet, you get their attention.
SHESAID: "If you really want to decrease abortions in the U.S., try having an honest discussion about sexual intercourse with children and young adults." That's a howler. Young af-ams are knocking up children as young as 12. So outline a 'honest discussion' if you would. Too funny...
Sure. Explained by racism -hatred of Ogiggles- and the tea party Republicans. It's just so unfair!
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