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Obama, Romney React to Jobs Report

rick1907 Wrote: Jul 06, 2012 3:52 PM
i see Lois is still on the "9-11 was Bush's fault because he ignored intel re: terrorists hijacking aircraft." For the love of all in islam that lois admires hijacking of airlines had been going on for decades. Besides, has lois no criticism of clinton bombing an aspirin factory in a case of intel, or clinton turning down intel that Sudan offered up on bin Laden. The Navy was nervous about fueling up in Yemen but had to because of the lack of fleet oilers so we got the USS Cole bombing. Can i stop now?

One thing is clear: The reactions from Romney and Obama to the jobs report couldn't have been any more distinct. Romney sounded sympathetic yet confident, while Obama all but ignored the news of our stagnant economy, and instead tried to spin the numbers as a positive development. Then again, this is Romney's forte, he knows what to do. Obama? Not so much - just more "excuses" as usual.

Speaking in New Hampshire this morning, Romney hammered the president’s same old ideas and policies that have failed to get America working again. He wasted no time in asserting that...