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Paul Krugman: Yeah, We're In A Depression

rick1907 Wrote: Jun 11, 2012 8:43 PM
You said before, "Lincoln oredered the killiing of civilians..." and i just wrote the operative part of the Gen Order to the troop commanders regarding that subject. You've been proven wrong. I won't even bother with your flimsy "states rights" argument which was developed by Southron elites to mask what they really were worried about..the loss of their Slaves. It is the mark of a silly person to even say something like "they burned every farm in sight." That's like your remark the other day saying that American blacks "burned entire cities to the ground," one of your most insensate remarks. I asked you then which "entire cities" blacks burned to the ground and you still haven't answered. I repeat, you are a piece of disgusting white trash.

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Krugman utterly despises conservatives, remember, so there's no way he's intentionally advancing this damning indictment to damage the president he'll support in the fall.  Perhaps he just assumed that because he was among friends at Netroots Nation (you know, the conference that cheered abortion), he had extra latitude to...