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Ok, here we go with another idiot (Nawlins again, sorry kid) who is still singing the tired old song that there's no diff between the parties. All one has to do is look at the votess in the US congress the last few years to see that isn't so. Look at the Holder contempt vote. Almost strictly along party lines! So is THAT what qualifies them as the same? That sort of declaration is not rooted in reality.
GAWD! I gotta wake up on a beautiful morning in the NW and be treated to somebody so stupid as Nawlins. Meanwhile, Nawlins, Oregon, which has and has had dem governors has unemployment which the state gov't itself figures is in the mid-teens.
Nawlins?! Do you ever think about or research anything before you open your big, fat stupid mouth? He doesn't "see that happening" the dolt says in re: Repub guvs and their policies attracting employers, hunh? JUST THE OTHER DAY AIRBUS ANNOUNCED THEY WERE GOING TO OPEN UP A PLANT IN ALABAMA YOU FRIGGIN' STOOGE! ALABAMA HAS A REPUBLICAN GUV YOU FRIGGIN' STOOGE! And this comes after Toyota and BMW have opened plants in alabama, which has a republican governor you friggin' stooge!
head-winds from Europe, Japanese earthquake and resultant tsunami, bad winter weather, ATMs, airport ticket kiosks (oh, if only we had more ticket agents in airports the country's problems would be solved), GWB, this boy president obama is like a pre-teen who fails at everything and wins nothing. He's pathetic with all his annoying excuse-making.
D G? willie has been banging the drum about Robert's no matter what the article is about, guns, jobs, you name it and that's because he and his lib friends in the dem party haven't got anything else.
Nawlins, don't be obtuse. Republicans believe, as Abraham Lincoln (R) said" that gov't is best that is closest to the people." Go ask a grown-up what that means and then report back to me.
Oh, wee willie, haven't you heard? We don't care about Roberts anymore. It's the economy, stupid! The economy and obama's abject failure to uproot all the ATMs and airport ticket kiosks. Which excuses to you use for your failures, willie?
I've already advised the Romney campaign to go after the U.N. as part of their platform. I know they always listen to me and read what i post on TH so we'll see at the convention if they come out with something about the U.N.. I've suggested a list of kinda sorta nicely worded demands with timelines and if they squawk we offer them moving expenses.
very good counter-point, Ann. An excellent side-by-side comparison isn't it?
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