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Apathy: Despite Obama's Best Efforts, Youth Unlikely to Bother Voting

rick1907 Wrote: Apr 27, 2012 11:18 AM
"Hi, like, um, i'm Todd and this is like my, um, chick, uh ah, girlfriend Crystal, we're like here to you know, like vote?" We're sorry Todd, that was yesterday, here's your hat, thanks for coming.

Looks like President Obama's college tour was all for naught: a new poll reveals that young people are unlikely to bother voting in 2012, despite the fact that they may prefer Obama to Mitt Romney.

A Gallup poll conducted earlier this week surveyed voter registration and likelihood to vote, broken down by age groups. Among the 18-29 set, 60 percent indicated that they are registered to vote. Obama enjoys a wide lead over Romney in this age group: 64 percent support Obama while only 29 percent support Romney. However, when asked if they definitely will vote in...