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I like her. Supported her in 2012. 2016 is still far away.
As a resident of PA near Lehigh, I am embarrassed.
I am amazed that some people from California can recognize this as a problem.
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BREAKING: SCOTUS Sides With Hobby Lobby

Rick0418 Wrote: Jun 30, 2014 11:42 AM
Good decision but should have been 9 - 0. Need to prevent future left wing radical justices.
Step in right direction. Should be expanded to require separation of Union collective bargaining and union political activism.
I am a retired military officer and have a variety of feelings concerning this topic: -Agree on no druggies or people convicted of felonies. -Agree that anyone scoring too low on intelligence tests is probably too stupid to serve. -Not sure about tattoos. Agree on excessive tattoos but feel this should be more flexible. -Not sure about overly strict weight and physical conditioning standards. There should some standards but most of us got into better shape in initial military training. -Agree recruits should not require medicine for diabetes, mental issues or similar difficulties. -Agree on high school or GED. -Don't know what an ear gauge is.
1. Recognize that Social (in)Security is an addition to other retirement funds as opposed to an entire retirement system. 2. Eliminate Medicaid and other government charity except for handicapped and orphan children. 3. Have Social Security returns be more of a return on funds paid into the program as opposed to income transfer. Right now, people who paid low or minimum funds into the program get the best return. Many reform program want to even decrease the returns of those who paid most. 4. Review spouse benefits. Right now, where both spouses work are hurt. If only one spouse worked, the other would get about half the working spouse benefits while they both lived. For two working spouses, they do not receive these moneys and receive what they personally owned. Either give both spouses half of what their husband or wife earned in addition to their own benefits or only give everyone their own benefits. 5. Consider the opportunity for workers to donate into private systems instead of Social Security.
Not a great fan of Gov Christie as I find him too liberal on many topics. However, this situation is a great example to define the priorities of "main stream media": They don't care about abuse of the 1st Ammendment privacy violations as invoked by the IRS. They don't care about American deaths as in Benghazi. The don't care about gun running, an American death and other deaths as invoked by "fast and furious". They don't care about abuse of the 1st Ammendment as invoked by obamacare forcing religious people to pay for baby killing. They don't care about the weakening of the U.S. Military and foreign affairs. They don't care about decreases in Americans working and increases of people on Government charity. They don't care about protection of U.S. Border from criminal invaders. They care about traffic jams.....
I prefer "criminal invader".
Remember the Mariel Boatlift. Back then, Carter's humanitarian gesture exploded beyond control and also gave Casto the opportunity to deport a variety of criminals. It is fascinating in how, for every one of Carter's failures, obama is able to do something worse.
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