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If anyone is involved in a peaceful assembly or protest, fine. It is their right under the 1st Amendment. If anyone riots or loots, shoot them.
Without being vulgar, I am not sure what to compare Pelosi to.
If individuals assemble or protest the verdict, fine. That is their right under the 1st Amendment. If they riot or loot, shoot them.
And you're stupid and don't recognize America's right as a nation state to protect its border.
FMy choice for comprehensive immigration reform: 1. Secure the border. Use force. 2. Penalize anyone who hires an illegal alien (criminal invader). 3. Acknowledge that children born to illegals in the US are NOT American citizens. Per the 14th Amendment, their mother was not under the jurisdiction of the United States. 4. Remove all government charity from the illegals. Do not allow them to use US hospitals. Do not allow their children in our schools. (The schools are local issue but they should be encouraged to expel the illegals.). 5. Actually try to deport the illegals. It will be hard but impossible if never tried. We should be able to deport 500,000 to 1,500,000 per year. Likewise, others will leave without benefits and not being hired.
Doubt this will be of much value. The man is a liar. However, I would like to see him asked how much contact he had with obama during the design of the socialized health program.
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10 Things to Know for Wednesday

Rick0418 Wrote: Nov 18, 2014 10:34 AM
Manson should have been hanged many years ago.
So, obama lied again. This should not be reported as news.
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