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I don't mind him playing gol. I mnd him being lazy, ncompetent and radical.
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De Blasio vs. The NYPD

Rick0418 Wrote: Dec 23, 2014 1:06 PM
When elected, I believed that his liberal policies would increase crime. Guess I was right but I am surprised on how and how fast it occurred. However, I suspect that the thugs and lefties who voted for him would do it again.
obama rolled again. Glad the poor man released but now it appears we have released multiple Cuban spies. This is better than releasing multiple terrorists for a military deserter but is still extremely stupid.
This is dumb. I can see a lawsuit relative to lack of required mental care for the shooter but this makes no sense.
This is ridiculous. Hopefully, starting in January, this wil be his last nominee approved.
Another obama nominee, another radical. This is getting old.
Should not give press space to her.
I acknowledge that the CIA used a water board technique to get information from a few AlQuida leaders. But were these individuals maimed or permanently harmed? Who was beheaded? Who was stretched on the rack? What real torture was used?
Could be worse. It's not Debbie Schultz or Barnie Frank. Carter has no in-military experience but he is apparently smart and has Pentogon experience. Wonder I'd obama will listen to him?
As I recall, the miniseries "the Bible" gave an accurate portrayal of what Satan looked like.
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