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Massachusetts Senate Poll: Markey Pulling Away?

Rich Not wealthy Wrote: Jun 13, 2013 5:08 PM
Budgets at the federal level are much more than straight arithmetic. Fiscal policy, especially tax policy has consequences and alter public reactions. Thus the projected revenue/expenditure of a budget will change dramatically based on what is in the budget.

Perhaps, according to a new Harper Poll -- via Conservative Intel's David Freddoso:

Democratic Congressman Ed Markey holds a formidable 12-point lead over Republican Gabriel Gomez in the race to succeed Secretary of State John Kerry. However, there are clear signs of opportunity for Gomez. Republican and Democratic voters have put their jerseys on for their respective teams as Markey gets 80% of the Democratic vote and Gomez gets 81% of the Republican vote. Among independent voters, the race is tied at 41-41%. -