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There is no logical reason that Christian blacks should vote for a Dem/marxist. We don't need to be racists to win, we simply need a candidate with real conservative, Constitutional principles.
To be honest, the Reps haven't ended the welfare state that the Dems put the poor on that keeps them from improving their lives. That would be their main failing in that respect.
Baloney! Powell is a Dem all respects and is supporting the zero. They need to nominate a true conservative with principles and then hold everyone's feet to the fire of those principles. People will rally to and follow a real leader, but the Reps don't want that as can be seen by all the nominies since Reagan. From what Bruce stated, it seems that every effort to appeal to any minority, while not being robust, was taken over by the Romney people and squashed. That is the type of nominee the establishment Reps want, a milquetoast that, if not destined to lose, does his level best to lose.
True, you can't compromise with evil. Would you like to compromise 5gal of icecream with a spoonful of excrement?
Unfortunately, he is not selling out the GOP, he is the face of the GOP. GOP = God Awful Party!
No, he's a troll.
Funny how he can only show a backbone against conservatives, never against Peelousy, zero or Reid.
Sorry, you have to support the zero to prove that you are mentally disabled.
On our dime. If he ever had to pay for anything himself, Mooshell would divorce him.
Interesting, is one term for them, Amy. I think disasterous is a better description.
Yep! He was correct, they just hate it when exposed.
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