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Thjose tough words are a sure sign that he will pass a minimum wage increase this year, because the Dems controll the Senate and he has no choice. Then he will cry.
You and I may have long memories, but it has been proven that most Americans have an attention span of 3 days to 3 weeks. The Repubs are spending a lot on advertising right now and the poll numbers show them leading by a large amount. But you don't see the Dems spending hardly anything. They will wait for the last 3 weeks before the election and flood the airwaves and the sheeple will forget all the ads run now and the landslide you think the Repubs should have will not materialize and they will be left scratching their heads wondering why.
No spine, no leaders!
Even if the Repubs got a super majority, they would never impeach and face the MSM calling them racists. They don't have the spine and the leadership is rudderless.
He won't negotiate or compromise, it isn't in him. He will throw a fit and he will issue more executive orders knowing that any resistance will be held up as racism by the MSM.
So! The House controls the purse!
Evie, it is secure even if it is turned on, as long as it is not connected to a network. Otherwise, good post.
Yep! As bad as the website is, the rest of this 0bamination is much worse!
People should especially not be FORCED to use a highly vulnerable website!
They would be sued out of existance! Then our super competent lawmakers would craft another super efficient law to address the problem and put hundreds of secure websites out of business too!
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