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Please Joe, PLEASE RUN! Where can I contribute. You'll be a gift to us.
Agreed. I often wonder why those like WendyChumbley with room temperature IQ (on one of her better days), get on forums like this to display their ignorance. She doesn't even have the brain power to realize she's an imbecilic moron...
A total of 87%...... Hmm..... Interesting math. Did you graduate from the liberal school system?
May I add: 6. In comparison you make Pelosi. Reid, and Feinstein look intellectual. 7. Your past idiotic comments might hurt you. 8. You have to have actually accomplished ONE thing in your life, besides growing old in the Senate and now the Vice Presidency. 9. Dumb, Lazy, and Ugly are no way to go through life, Joey..... 10. Qualifications at a minimum for the job must rise to the ability to run a lemonade stand. Joe, If you can achieve #10 on the list, you'll already be miles ahead of the current President.....
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MSNBC Host: God Loves Obamacare

Richmanwoods Wrote: Dec 07, 2013 9:38 PM
Holy Smokes, I didn't realize that Ed "Freakshow" Schultz had an illegitimate son who went by the stagename "religous". Does Ed give you much of an allowance, or does he just relegate you to the basement on a regular basis? P.S. Religous, You might want to learn how to spell your own name.....
I'm a bit disappointed that Michael Steele didn't point out to his counterparts how he was bullied when he was the Lt. Governor. I don't recall these same 2 fools John Alter and Ed Schultz coming to the aid of Steele when leftists threw Oreo cookies at him and called him Uncle Tom. Quite ironic that now Steele is right there to call out those on the right now, essentially agreeing with Alter's assertion that Graham and McCain are bullying. Apparently when one is given a contract on MSNBC, their integrity goes out the window to some extent....
Glenn242 is an utter simpleton. You pegged him right, a drone of the left, whose analytical thinking consists of repeating stupidity that was uttered to him by the John Podestas of the world. A mindless robot, who doesn't have the capability to reason, but only offers rote recitation of what he's told...
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Quote of the Day

Richmanwoods Wrote: Oct 26, 2012 2:48 AM
Were you dropped on your head recently?
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Richmanwoods Wrote: Oct 24, 2012 1:59 AM
How in the WORLD does Stossel's article help to re-elect Obama? I think you are truly reaching and creating scenarios that don't exist. I didn't see anything in the article that indicated that he was pushing Gary Johnson. How did you conclude that?
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