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Well, it was also designed to keep the stock market indices up, so that the Dems could claim the economy was improving. Now that the GOP is poised to take the Senate, they are ending QE3 so that the market will return to a more natural state many 1000s of points lower and that will be blamed on the GOP winning the election.
Did they correlate ugly too?
Perhaps, for the same reason that battered women go back to their abusers?
Businesses are only in business to profit, they are not social engineering nor patriot supply machines to be used by the government. Businesses provide jobs and raise the standard of living of all in that society as long as government does not interfere more than the barest minimum to ensure safety.
Maybe you have not worded your emails sharply enough to poke through his bloated head? But I like your spirit and actions against the biggest spin-meister of them all.
I agree with you OldTimer, but the GOP is dumb enough to let the Dems play them like fools knowing that the MSM will be their willing lackeys. They either don't know how to fight, or they are unwilling to fight.
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Big Blue's Blues

Rich L. Wrote: Oct 21, 2014 9:08 AM
What is, sort of, funny is that the paradigm of the cloud is really just an expanded paradigm of the mainframe. Which is big blue's forte'. For decades when an IT project was designed by IBM, they started with a big box in the center for the mainframe and went from there. The 'cloud' is nothing more than a very large mainframe, only it is a distributed one. This is just the beginnings of the market returning to sanity after QE3 ends. Isn't it funny (not really) that QE3 will end just as the election that the GOP is expected to win takes place.
Red, whether it is oil or the stock market (due to the end of QEs 1, 2, and 3), the Dems have played the GOP for fools masterfully and the economy will be tanked on purpose as the GOP takes the Senate. If the Dems are able to cheat enough to hold the Senate, then there will be a QE4 and whatever needs to be done to counter the Saudi oil play.
Your statement, "When every niche issue that mildly tweaks someone’s sensibilities becomes a life and death, traumatic “either do this or you hate me” battle, the bonds that hold us together as a society begin to disintegrate.." is the whole point. They are trying to destroy our society and balkanization is the best way possible.
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Obama Behind Pumpkin Patch Melee

Rich L. Wrote: Oct 20, 2014 3:29 PM
I blame everything on a lack of comas, as in not enough lefties are in a coma.
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