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Not likely, as the ones that stay are poor and can't leave and you know who the poor vote for. MO MUNNY!
SU-PRISE, SU-PRISE, SU-PRISE! As Gomer would say. I think this is proof positive of criminal wrongdoing and the IG along with ALL top managers at every VA office should be convicted of manslaughter and sent to prison and lose all their pensions.
Way too many are not taught these facts about slavery. Dr. Sowell has written about the history of slavery in several of his books. The one I like best is "Black Rednecks and White Liberals".
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Hands Up! Don’t Abort!

Rich L. Wrote: Aug 25, 2014 7:57 AM
Stop using 'straw man' arguments and we'll stop pointing it out. IF that is all you have, and I suspect it is, you should just stay in mommy's basement and play video games.
Sorry John, but I am glad he is dead, those like him will never change and they laugh at your naiveté and call you weak. They are a cancer that must be eradicated.
Yeah, only idiots can win elections, destroy the good old boy network of corruption in the State and accurately assess the foreign policy issues that will be the greatest threat. Unlike the Zero who has gotten exactly EVERYTHING wrong in both foreign policy and domestic as a racist, race-baiting wuss.
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10 Things to Know for Friday

Rich L. Wrote: Aug 21, 2014 9:51 AM
How much of that $17bil will the people ripped off see?
He was never engaged in being POTUS, it is way over his head and it is not like he is in charge anyway. All he can do is read a teleprompter well and raise funds. He can't even play golf very well for someone with all that practice.
He always inserts himself in racial situations where he can make a bad situation worse. It is what he does best.
Jimmy never learned anything either. He is still an anti-Semite America apologizer and moron. Yes, he helps habitat for humanity, but that is the only thing he does that is good.
Attack with those bows, watch out!
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