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We could fix that by putting her in a room with Mumia and no supervision for a day or two. She might then get some sense, or simply cease to make idiotic statements (or any statements).
Stop with all that crazy talk! Are you serious? Trying to make sense like that with politicians is a lost cause.
And one of the nitwits is well known and despised.
Just barely! In some ways they are worse in that by supporting the same stupid philosophy, it allows the damage done to be blamed on 'conservative' policies when nothing could be further from the truth. If the country is going to enact stupid leftists policies, then we should be able to lay the blame squarely on the leftists with no room for wiggling with the truth.
Well, it won't be funny when a dunce such as Grimes beats McConnell because the establishment GOP couldn't read the writing on the wall that he is a has-been in KY and they don't want him in the Senate anymore.
No, but sovereignty DOES begin at the border. Without a border, are we really a sovereign country?
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Cash for Russian Clunkers

Rich L. Wrote: 6 hours ago (12:46 PM)
And you figured out the procurement process was not biased, how? Our procurement process is the most biased process in the world. Nothing gets bought by our government without some palms being greased somehow. Competing bid details are sold to other bidders based on loyalty, direct money or indirect money. It happens way too often not to be systemic. That being the case, you don't know whether or not 2) is true or not and 3) is true in all cases with American companies. Regulations have made everything made in America non-competitive by default.
Exactly! All taxes should go to localities first, then they pay their share to the State and the State gives the Feds their share last. That would stop 95% of the nonsense coming out of Congress and the POTUS (grand Poobah Of The United States).
Yeah! It's not like anyone died or anything.....Oops!
That would be true except with the lies the Dems tell over and over, the MSM has their backs and tells the same lies and never does the job of the 4th column as the system was designed. A very large portion of the public never hear the truth about way too many things and therefore can't make informed decisions.
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