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No, they represent those that supply the campaign cash so that they can afford the propaganda machine that gets enough votes to get or keep their job. This problem will not go away until we change how campaigns are financed or how the financing is open to scrutiny.
How long before Congress started including those breaks "to be fair"? A flat tax that leaves the IRS in existence and taxes income will always be a political football that Congress plays with and we get played.
Only under the FairTax, along with the repeal of 0bummercare, would they be unemployed. They would still be in business with a flat income tax as well as being in charge of 0bummercare. We had a fairly flat tax structure when Reagan cleaned up the tax code (not completely, but much better) and then the lobbyists and the liars and cheaters (Congress) got to monkeying around with the code again and we are worse than ever. MUST end the income tax altogether!
I don't know about you, or anyone else for that matter, but I hate my Senators and Congresscritter.
I'm SHOCKED, shocked I tell ya! And just when I was going to put one of those "Ready for Hitlery (SP intentional)" bumper stickers on my car.
The people of Delaware hang out on the beach and cater to tourists. There is no reality there.
Hey! That was racist! ;>))
That it is in double digits or almost room temperature?
How would a red-blooded male keep his thoughts on the news or topic at hand?
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Krauthammer Against The Tyrants

Rich L. Wrote: Apr 17, 2014 3:24 PM
You beat me to that line of reasoning. Giving away the internet is more problematic that when we gave away the Panama Canal. Only US haters could do something so against our national interests and try to call it patriotic. These traitors are pathetic.
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