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Dear Mitch

Rich L. Wrote: Feb 26, 2015 1:58 PM
Derek, I know that some of us TOLD you that during the primary season that Mitch the witch should be taken out of office during the primaries. Too many supposedly conservative republicans thought that was a bad idea. It doesn't seem like a bad idea now does it?
Not just a made up "right" to work, but said that they were all citizens! TRAITOR!!!
Rudy was right to a point, but he did not dare to go all the way to the truth. The Zero not only doesn't love America, he despises America and its history of success where all other forms of government have failed. Even now in the socialists golden example of Sweden and Norway, the loss of money due to the crash in oil prices have made impossible for the government to keep all the socialist promises it made to the people. While the Swedish austerity will pale in comparison to the Greek mess, it will put the lie to the socialist dream.
There are progressives (communists) in both parties. Yes, a larger percentage of Dems are progressive than Repugs, but WE need to get rid of all progressives no matter the letter after their name.
I don't understand why ESPN thought this clown was capable of keeping his moronic ideas to himself. They got exactly (Ed Zackery?) what they stupidly paid for. Suspensions won't help as Olbermann has a mental disease and will not change.
Because drs. w/out borders is a moronic group to begin with. They are all socialist at best, communist at worst and have the least amount of common sense that any human has ever had.
How long does it take for his handlers to write another 'Executive disOrder' and then thumb their noses at the Constitution again?
Too bad that the Repugnicans in the Senate have not shown any sign of brains in quite a while.
Having the right to say something does not make saying it right. Others have the right to treat those saying stupid things as stupid. Rights come with responsibilities and the leftists want to have rights with no consequences or responsibilities.
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