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Good Women Have Abortions

Rich Grise Wrote: Oct 29, 2014 5:35 PM
So, once you compel this girl to carry that unwanted fetus to full term and give birth to it (at whose expense?), who gets stuck with the bill for the upkeep of the resulting unwanted illegitimate child? "Oh she should have known better!!" How can she, when you also fight tooth and nail against sexual education? But, according to the Reich Wing Theocracy, fertilized ova are human beings and women are beasts of burden.
One pregnant human being is one pregnant human being. There is no way to grant rights to the fetus without grossly violating the rights of the woman who owns the uterus that you seek control of.
So, are you saying that you would send men with guns to compel people to live by your personal moral code? In case you don't make the connection, it's the sending of men with guns that is the evil. The highest good is to live and let live.
Hear, hear!
" the insatiable appetite Americans have for drugs fuels the violence south of our border" I'm sorry, but you're dead wrong. It is Nixon's insane unconstitutional War on (Some) Drugs that is causing the death and destruction. Observe Portugal. Observe Colorado. They have gone sane, called off the war, and the violence has evaporated. But thr bloodthirsty warmongers are incapable of admitting the truth, which is that they are wrong. The drugs are not the problem, the war is the problem.
How about if, instead of "Illegal aliens," we call them what they are, criminal trespassers?
This is why the antigun nuts are in a panic.
What kind of nincompoop takes dietary advice from a woman with a 52" butt?
See Asimov: Frankenstein Complex. ;-)
So, are the zombie movies just foreshadowings of what it's going to look like when Jesus comes back and Gabriel's trumpet sounds and all the dead people come crawling up from their graves? What about people who got cremated? Are they just screwed?
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