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The Triumph of Law Over Ideology

Rich Grise Wrote: Jul 09, 2014 1:08 PM
From the income tax to socialized medicine in only a century - welcome to the United Socialist States of America!
Remind me again - which of the enumerated powers was it that authorizes the government to dictate "moral standards?"
Any time external control is applied to a naturally equilibrating system, the result, as the system seeks its new equilibrium point, is the opposite of what the controller intended.
"If accounts are established at the time of birth," then we might as well just all put on swastika armbands and start marching the goose-step. People's health is NOT the government's responsibility. The government's responsibilities are roads, sewers, and protecting individual property rights. The only viable long-term solution is the Free Market, which everyone who survives the collapse will realize.
Just ending the insane racist War on (some) Drugs will end the vast majority of the violence. Just look at the example of Portugal!
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A Primer on Race

Rich Grise Wrote: Jul 08, 2014 11:56 AM
Of course the entire establishment is in denial of the root cause of the problem, namely the insane, flagrantly racist War on (some) Drugs.
"Would An Armed Revolt Work Today?" Well, unless something heads off America's headlong rush into tyranny, we're about to find out, in spades!
Of course, the entire establishment is in denial as to the real cause of the carnage - the insane overtly racist War on (some) Drugs. It has been demonstrated repeatedly (see Portugal) that when drugs are relegalized, absolutely none of the horror stories materialize, and the "cartels" go broke and find other work.
The two wings of the Statist party are essentially indistinguishable. They're both for top-down tyrannical control; their only dispute is whether the throne should be emblazoned with a swastika or a hammer & sickle.
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Having a Laugh About Gluten

Rich Grise Wrote: Jul 06, 2014 2:40 PM
I've always taken my moderation in moderation.
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