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Lessons in Green Chemistry

Rich D. Wrote: Feb 08, 2013 12:05 AM
It all started with Ruckelshaus, DDT, and Nixon'e EPA. One million Africans die of malaria every year. That's six fully loaded 747s-worth crashing every day. Then there are other places. Evil idiots.

“Green chemistry” has become the latest craze and now government agencies are sponsoring programs to teach it to kids in school. But what exactly is green chemistry? Some say it’s simply about making products safer, but it actually comes loaded with a political agenda that isn’t really about safety—it’s about control.

The ostensive goals of “green chemistry”—safer products—surely can be achieved without government, driven purely by market demand. In fact, industry performs its own version of green chemistry every time it develops new products because after all, businesses don’t succeed by poisoning their customers. They succeed by producing useful and safe...