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Obama: I Pretty Much Have This Election in the Bag

RichardSays Wrote: May 27, 2012 9:01 AM
What Obama really means is that he's got the election pretty much in the bag because there will be massive voter fraud come this November! He's counting on it more than he is the gay vote. BTW, if, by any chance, Obama is losing by a rather wide margin in the months leading up to the polls, will he and his cronies try and pull off a false flag event and then declare Martial Law whereupon he'll postpone the election? I wouldn't put it past him. The Marxist in Chief will do anything in his corrupt power to stay in the WH!
jehosefat Wrote: May 31, 2012 12:44 PM
Yep - that is the real driver for OWS - to have mobs ready to take the streets. Unfortunately, OWS is discredited and sinking under it's own weight of wacko's so now Obama needs to cook up another "october suprise"....
Pat1392 Wrote: Jun 01, 2012 6:13 PM
I think that is the plan out of the Alinsky playbook.

If there is one thing President Obama doesn't lack it's confidence. While shmoozing with the one-percent last night at a swanky New York City fundraiser hosted by gay singer Ricky Martin, President Obama said he's "not worried" about being re-elected.

“Their message will be, ‘You’re upset, you’re unsatisfied. It’s Obama’s fault.’ But I’m not worried. The reason I’m not worried is because of you,” Obama said.

Obama contrasted his vision of government’s role in the economy and society in wide-ranging remarks to the audience, and continued his partisan attacks against Republicans.


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