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Not Another Dime

RichardSays Wrote: Apr 08, 2012 10:46 AM
Excellent article Derek! You're absolutely right! Not one more damn dime! Conservative politicians (we still have them in Washington?) won't say boycott anybody just in case those companies might want to grease their slimy palms in the future. We all know what politicians are all about - themselves! As soon as a politician gets elected, he gets busy figuring out how to get re-elected. I wouldn't call that doing the people's business.

I’ve sat by and watched progressives attack our liberties, our Constitution and our way of life for long enough. No more.

For too long, conservatives have been content to sit on what we call the high ground while the Left racks up small victory after small victory until all we have left is the high ground under our butts. Enough.

They go after Rush Limbaugh, and conservatives say, “This is an outrage,” but do nothing. The most extreme, racist left-wing groups contact advertisers and sponsors and pressure them to abandon shows and networks that made them. And too...