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‘Dissent’ Makes Liberals Loopy

Richarddg Wrote: Jul 24, 2012 3:59 PM
I agree about the occupiers dissenting just because they were otherwise bored or wanted to do something different/radical even though they are clueless. But the Darwin thing? That's not how I understood Darwin's motives. In fact, he sat on his work for 20 years before publishing the Origin of Species because he didn't want to rock the boat. He didn't take his voyage on the Beagle looking for ways to exclude God. I am both a devout Christian, and a PhD college biology teacher, and before accepting this view of Darwin, I'd like some evidence.

Katrina vandenHeuvel @KatrinaNation

Alexander Cockburn,longtime Nation columnist, radical journalist, unwavering voice of dissent,RIP, 1941-2012.

So I’m laying in bed checking Twitter, and the above comes across. I didn’t know Mr. Cockburn, and I wish his family the best in their time of healing.

But what struck me about this is the “unwavering voice of dissent” part. I think this is what gets liberals off on the wrong track a lot.

Let me be clear: As Americans, we have the right – and sometimes the duty – to dissent. And all of us do this duty at some...