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Official Lies

Richard_B Wrote: Jan 30, 2013 8:40 AM
I have been paying into my Social Security account for 55 years and I feel that since I was forced to pay the tax that I am entitled. I have also paid into Medicare since its inception. A 36 year old person I knew in 1974 was drawing money from SSI and getting Medicaid was "entitled" because he learned how to scam the system while in prison.
Let's say that you are one of the "Chumps" and came here to obtain work picking fruit or some other low skilled job. A dishonest employer can hire an illegal alien cheaper so your job is lost to a criminal. And some think that it is fair to reward the criminal who stole your job?
"effective deportation policies" When a person crosses our border illegally and is caught, all that deportation does is force them to try again. If they what to come here illegally to work in the United States we should give them work. Four years of hard labor to earn nothing but the very basic necessities. If they refuse to labor then they will get no food. After four years of punishment for breaking our laws, then they should be deported. Repeat offenders should have their last sentence doubled.
"the GOP should cut tax rates for large and small businesses to 25 percent". Businesses do not pay income tax. They simply collect it from consumers. They must also pass on tax related expenses and those expenses are about equal to the tax revenue they collect for the IRS. The Fair Tax would cut the business income tax rate to zero and do away with a ton of red tape. The hidden taxes in American made products would result in lower average retail prices. It would also make American made products highly competitive on the world market.
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Social Security Cliff in Sight

Richard_B Wrote: Jan 18, 2013 7:30 AM
For both Medicare and Social Security those who have not paid into the systems should not receive any benefits. Life expectancy has risen since SS was started and so should the age when one is eligible. If it were mine to do, I would raise the age to 70 and then by six months every year. In about 80 years nobody would be eligible and the programs would cease to exist.
My brother also says that it is due to his three children's education that they are socialists. I have two children who were home schooled and are not socialists because I firmly believe that the PARENTS are responsible for how their children are taught. You and my brother failed your children.
Back when all Social Security payments were by check you could go to a Post Office along the Mexican border and see individuals get as many as six checks on the day the checks hit their Post Office box. Many Mexicans are given several names. They can apply for SS using different combinations of those names then work using different SS numbers. They never earn enough under one card to get more than the minimum but since they have paid payroll taxes on six different accounts they do well once they retire.
released from prison. Rehab can be as long as two years and is again paid for by taxes. If the federal government stopped providing morphine the crime rate in this area would be cut in half and some cops and probation officers would be out of a job. With fewer people being sent to jail or prison the local taxpayers would save a lot of money yet they would be left with hundreds of current addicts to deal with. All thanks to Medicaid.
The Medicaid patient and the Pain Clinic win while the federal taxpayer pays them. The Medicaid patient can make about $9600 and month selling his or her morphine but they often collect other forms of welfare in addiction. I met one man who is prescribed four 100mg plus three 60mg morphine per day. He does have real pain but only needs 200mg/day to control it. Thus he has $320/day income from what he can sell. Due to the high level of illegal drug usage the legal system is twice as big and the local taxes pay for it. When the cops succeed in getting a drug dealer sent to prison, the tax payers again get to foot the cost. Around $3000/month to keep him or her locked up. Since most drug dealers are also users, they go to rehab once they get
Where I live the federal government is the largest supplier of drugs via Medicaid. Many are enabled to buy drugs by selling food purchased with food stamps. "Pain Clinics" charge Medicaid three or four times what most doctors charge for an office visit. The patient then goes to their drug store and pays a co-payment as little as $3 to fill their prescription for morphine, say 120 - 100mg tablets. Since the Medicaid patient is subject to a pill count and must test positive for morphine IF tested, they can not sell but 119.5 of those morphine tablets in a month. A 100mg morphine sells on the street for $80 so it takes $160 worth of food stamps to get one pill.
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The Tea Party 2.0

Richard_B Wrote: Jan 10, 2013 12:56 PM
"It all comes down to a basic question: who should choose our Republican nominees?" "Karl Rove the Party bosses and status-quo Republican politicians who are as popular as cockroaches and root-canals? Or, WE THE PEOPLE, grassroots conservatives and independents that make up the heart of America?" --Todd Cefaratti
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