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Election 2012: Supreme Court Hangs in the Balance

Richard976 Wrote: Sep 11, 2012 9:23 AM
As usual, Chuck is right. Are you aware that Obama has appointed 33 new czars to head up his socialist agenda? They are all radicals. Obama no longer needs congress. He just issues a order and it becomes law. I just read about 9 he's made so far. Unknown, and not reported, each allows him to be in charge of everything. Healthcare, the military, housing etc. He literally will be the permanent leader of America. Our freedom of choice will be no more. Vote!
I believe freedom is worth fighting for. I am committed to protecting the freedoms our forefathers guaranteed to us in our Constitution. There are many politicians who disagree with me, although they are loath to admit it, but their true colors show in voting records on critical legislation. And part of what makes America great is that every two years, we, too, cast our votes, rendering judgment on whether lawmakers have fulfilled their promises. And every four years, as in 2012, our opportunity extends to the highest office in the land.

Less than 60 days remains before Election Day....