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America has changed. In my day it was the land of opportunity and freedom. It's now the land of entitlements and freebies. Thanks to our president.
I am pre-existing and a disabled Korean veteran. When Obamacare became law, my meds and treatment changed. My VA doctor told me he could no longer decide what meds and treatment I get. He is told by Washington what and how to treat me. He said that decision was made by a person in D.C. who is not a doctor and makes that decision based on cost of treatment and my age. I'm supposed to be dead by now so I wait if it's serious. There is always the possibility I could die if they waited long enough. I even waited 6 months for a epidural pain shot despite the fact that I can't walk or even stand on my own. Once I finally got my shot, my pain doctor gave me his private nurse's phone number in case of a emergency. I've found that many doctors want to treat you but can't because of Washington. I feel for veterans who are worse off than me.
We now know that Iraq did have WMD's that were flown to Libya before we attacked. In fact, I heard the pilot who flew them out on TV. The decision to attack was supported by both parties, including Clinton. We now know that tons of chemical weapons were also in Iraq. We now know that Clinton, while president, was offered Bin Laden on 3 different occasions "free." He saw no threat so passed each time. I heard Clinton say, after he was no longer president that one of his biggest regrets was not taking Bin Laden when offered as there would have been no 9/11 or Iraq war.
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Dear Hillary: Run

Richard976 Wrote: Jun 12, 2014 11:08 AM
To those who still blame Bush for everything, please remember what Clinton said after he left office. He was offered Bin Laden 3 times free when he was President but decided he wasn't a threat so passed. Clinton admitted that this was his biggest regret because if he had there would have been "no 9/11 or need for the Iraq war." Obama takes full responsibility for the other war. Incidentally, Clinton also signed the law in 1998 that caused the real estate collapse. When asked why he got involved with Monica he answered "because I could." When Obama was asked why he said whatever he wanted he replied "because I can.."
VA doctors are all paid the same, regardless of expertise and how many patients they see a day. Their pay is "less" than what a congressman is paid. I'm a disabled veteran trying to get my disability increased to 100%. I've been waiting over 7 months but just this Monday got a call scheduling me for next week. I wonder if this happened because of the recent controversy?
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Glorious Days for Radical Islam

Richard976 Wrote: Jun 08, 2014 1:17 PM
I'm sick of continuing to blame Bush when it was Clinton who brought on the wars. Clinton said on TV after he left office that one of his biggest regrets was not taking Bin Laden when he was offered him free 3 separate times. He said that if he had there would have been no 9/11 or Iraq war. Congress supported the Iraq war and Obama says he takes full responsibility for the other war. Clinton also signed the law in 1998 that resulted in our real estate disaster, not Bush. When asked why he got involved with Monica he gave a very truthful 3 word response. "Because I could." Obama just changes his answer to because I can. .
This vet is "correct." I served in the Korean war and was injured and disabled. In fact, I was offered disability when I was discharged in 1953. Being patriotic and just 24 years old I passed on disability. However, it became necessary for me to seek disability in 2007. When I applied I was denied disability because my records were burned in 1973 and there was no record of my even being in the service. This means, in VA talk, there is no "paper trail." I furnished the VA with a copy of my discharge but they still said I needed proof of my injury. After 3 years and 3 appeals I finally was awarded 20% disability in 2010. I haven't worked, driven or even walked in 12 years so the DAV and VFW say I should be getting 100% disability. They say I'm approved but I must wait 18 months to 2 years for it to kick in. I wait "my turn." Since I'm already approved, and 85 years old, I'm trying to get it started earlier. I just hope I don't die before it happens. .
This is 100% true. You cannot argue with anybody who refuses to recognize the truth. And, if a liberal agrees with you on any subject, he or she hears from the white house as Beckel did on Fox News. They do "as they are told," regardless of truth or common sense. Debating a subject is not even considered by a liberal.
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The President's VA Nonsense

Richard976 Wrote: Jun 01, 2014 10:23 AM
I am a disabled veteran so pre-existing. When Obamacare was put in place, my healthcare changed. No longer can my doctor prescribe meds or a operation for me. That decision is made by somebody in DC who is not a doctor and the decision is decided by age and cost. Rationing is common. Doctors and nurses at VA are forced to do what they are told and I continually get apologies from them. If you are over 70, good luck as you are treated as a "unit," not a person. Senator McCaskill was just on Fox News Sunday, defending Hillary. I have trying to reach her for help in VA waiting time. 4 phone numbers were given me and each one couldn't even contact her and gave me another number. It's like you can't talk to her if it's a complaint. It's business as usual for our government.
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Kerry To Snowden: 'Man Up'

Richard976 Wrote: May 29, 2014 5:17 PM
Would you man up and return, knowing you'll either be sent to prison the rest of your life or get the death penalty? Not me.
This is old news and, as a disabled veteran, there "is a wait time." Any VA employee will verify this. It's actually expected and all politicians know it. After being denied disability it took 3 appeals for me to get accepted with a wait of 1 to 2 years each time. .
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