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Good for Charles getting involved. I've got a 6th grade grand daughter, white, who has 2 close friends, black. Her friends have been criticized for being her friend and called not black enough. Another high school black girl beat up another black girl for talking too white. She uses proper English and is too polite. If you are black you are supposed to talk black..
The protestor in Ferguson said it best on TV said it best when asked about facts he replied "we don't care about facts, we only care about what is best for us."
If Obama is so smart why is my IQ 20 points more than his? I also know how many states we have, not 57, and know how to pronounce corpsman. Obama is a very good "con man" who wants to change America from a capitalism country to a socialistic country.
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Teacher Indoctrination

Richard976 Wrote: Oct 08, 2014 10:56 AM
Find out what is being taught your kids. My 6th grade grand daughter has certain books she is required to read. One is full of the F word plus boys eating P. Math is now common core, a disaster in my opinion, and so difficult that they need tutoring classes after school every day, first come first serve. She has 26 in her class with waiting because more than that need it.
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Dr. Emanuel's Death Wish

Richard976 Wrote: Oct 07, 2014 9:57 AM
After you reach 70 you're referred to as a "unit," not a person needing healthcare. I am 85 and have been told that I should be dead so to not expect approval for any life threatening operation. However, I'm also a disabled veteran in need of additional disability rating. Just last month I was denied additional disability because I am "employable" at age 85. This, despite the fact that I'm wheelchair bound and sleep in a hospital bed. I can't work, drive or walk but, to the VA, it's cheaper to deny me additional disability then to reward me for service to my country. VA stalls hoping I die in the meantime. Besides, by denying me additional disability, the VA wins either way. What a great way to treat veterans. I can't seem to find a job at age 85 though.
It's called "barter." Food stamps can buy you anything you want, including drugs and sex. You can make 40K a year being on welfare and live free plus get a check from the government just being a illegal. Lots of people get unemployment plus cash for working "under the table." That's the way the government wants it to be. .
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Who Needs Work When We Have Obama?

Richard976 Wrote: Oct 04, 2014 9:58 AM
Obama eliminated my ability to make money because I "must live on what the government pays me." I"m a disabled veteran so applied for additional disability because I can no longer work. I am wheelchair bound and sleep in a hospital bed. A young PhD interviewed me for one hour and decided my mind was good so I'm employable. Disability was denied and "I'm 85 years old." Any job offers out there? I can't walk, work or drive but the government is cutting expenses and it's my turn to be cut. .
Schools also prohibit students from saying God bless you if someone sneezes. Pretty sad if you ask me. I prefer the old American I grew up in..
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Use Mercenaries to Fight ISIS?

Richard976 Wrote: Sep 25, 2014 10:44 AM
Stupid idea Bill. Hired killers are only interested in money and they don't care who pays them. What if the other side says "we'll pay you twice what you are being paid if you switch sides." Do you think they'll say "but we have a 3 year contract" or do you think they'll jump ship immediately for the money? The killers may even start a bidding war or take money from both sides and kill whoever they want. The only winners are the hired killers.
Oreilly wants to hire paid killers and have them sign a 3 year contract to kill the enemy. The problem with this is paid killers only motivation is money and they don't care who pays it. What if the enemy offers more money then we do? Do you think the killers will say no, we have a contract? NO! They will immediately switch sides or even say yes and take money from both. The only winners are the paid killers.
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Who Wants War?

Richard976 Wrote: Sep 23, 2014 9:16 AM
Another great article and, right on. Are you aware that FDR knew when, where and what time the Japs would attack Pearl Harbor? He decided we needed the war to get us out of the depression so he chose to "not" tell our troops about the impending attack. I know this because a good friend of mine, a officer, was stationed there and was told about this after the fact. He didn't mind that we were going to war but was upset because of the deaths caused by this "surprise" attack. .
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