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Something you may not know. A good fried of mine was in Pearl Harbor and survived the 1941 attack. FDR "knew" when, where and what time the attack was coming. He elected to not alert anybody about the pending attack because we needed the war to help get over the depression. My friend and I discussed this several times after the war. He wasn't upset about the war, only that many of his buddies didn't make it because of this. He was told after the attack happened. I doubt you saw this in the newspaper however. .
Years ago I used to give seminars selling a product. Another speaker promised things that, common sense says, wouldn't work. When asked if all he said was true he replied "no, it doesn't work but as long as they keep buying it I'll keep selling it." Reminds me of our present administration and president.
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Veteran’s Affairs Case Files

Richard976 Wrote: May 26, 2014 10:03 AM
I can relate because I'm turning 85 in July. I have not worked, driven or even walked going on 13 years. I sit in a wheelchair all day and sleep in a hospital bed at night. It took me over 3 years to even get some VA disability. I'm still trying to get 100% disability, which the VFW says I should have had years ago. I have been told several times that my delay is based on my age and they hope I die before I get what I earned. There is always a wait of 1 to 2 years before my name comes up. My treatment has been reduced since Obamacare kicked in as my doctors can no longer prescribe what meds I get or order a operation for me. That is handled by the government. All employees want to help but they can't because they are told what to do and not do. Obama does not like veterans..
I was disabled while serving in the Korean war. In those days, VA always suggested using our private insurance for any treatments needed. This was the case with WWII as well. I needed a operation after my discharge on one of my legs injured in the war. VA asked me to use my private insurance because it was faster. This, even though I was offered disability when I was discharged, but turned it down because I was still young. I had no intention of asking for disability until years later when VA was suggested. My records were burned so there was no record of my even being in the service so I was turned down. I had my discharge paper however so the VA admitted I was indeed in the army but because of my records being burned, there was no proof I was injured so, once again, I was turned down. No paper trail as they say. I was examined and approved for disability by 6 doctors but VA told me that didn't make any difference either. One man, in Washington D.C. would decide my disability request but they wouldn't give me his name. By accident, I found out his name so wrote him a letter explaining my situation. I did get 20% approved disability but DAV OR DVA and now VFW all stated I deserved 100% disability and they filed on my behalf. I'm still waiting and am told it could be another 18 months to 2 years before I know. I have to wait my turn and the VA is running 2 years late in their approval. I have also been told that they hope I die before I get approved. However, in that case, there is a panel with alternative ways of dying, death panel?, if I choose. So, waiting and delay is common. .
Hurry up and wait is typical for any veteran. I'm a disabled veteran from the forgotten war still trying to get 100% disability. I've waited from 1 to 2 years to get small increases of disability. I've now advanced to getting 100%. and am told it will be 18 to 24 months before being approved. VA now works differently than before Obamacare. No longer can my doctor prescribe meds for me or schedule a operation. My doctor is told what he can do by the government and the decision is based on 2 factors, my age and cost of treatment. I'm preexisting but that doesn't mean I get the same treatment I got before. I'm over 70 so I'm considered a "unit" and wait my turn if approved for treatment. In fact, I waited 6 months for a epidural pain shot even though I could not stand without pain. I haven't worked, driven a car or even "walked" going on 13 years. I sit in a wheelchair and sleep in a hospital bed. My doctor apologizes constantly to me for not being able to treat me as he wants. He is a VA doctor who makes less than what a member of congress is paid. I'm told my delay is caused by my age and my place in line and they hope I die before my turn comes up. It's very sad but true. Don't blame the employees at VA because they want to take care of you. Their hands are tied to what the government tells them to do..
I have VA healthcare which means Obamacare since it was passed. All Doctors are paid the same, regardless of expertise. Their pay is LESS that what a member of congress is paid. My meds and treatment is dictated by the government, not my Doctor. What treatment I get is determined by my age and the cost of treatment. Just don't get sick.
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The VA's Deadly Bureaucratic Drones

Richard976 Wrote: May 16, 2014 9:04 AM
I agree with the vet comparing Clinton and Bush. My comparison is Bush and Obama. When Obamacare became law my treatment changed. My doctor no longer can prescribe my meds or ok a operation for me. That decision is now left to Washington DC and the decision is based on age and cost of the procedure. I am a disabled veteran still fighting to get 100% disability and it's been years since I first applied. It's the same as "hurry up and wait." Sign this, sign that and wait your turn, which can be up to 2 years. I waited 6 months for a pain shot even though I could not stand up and was bed ridden and in a wheel chair. I went to ER and was told nobody was available to help me and I should wait my turn. They did give me pills however. My doctor apologized to me but said she was just doing what she was told to do.
I have a grand daughter, who is white, apply to nursing school. She scored the highest of all who applied but was turned down because she was white. They told her if she was a person of color or other heritage she would have been accepted regardless of her test score. I told her to apply someplace else and over look this happening. I'm proud to say that she is now a RN and very happy. No press, yelling of discrimination or beer with the president either.
Obama reminds me of a pitch man or used car salesman. I remember one seminar speaker who promised whatever he thought the public wanted to hear in order to sell his product. When another speaker asked him if what he was selling really worked. He said "no, but as long as they keep buying I'll keep selling it."
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Mother's Day

Richard976 Wrote: May 07, 2014 3:38 PM
Beautiful and heart warning. Mothers are very special.
Chicago is the most corrupt city in the U.S. I lived there in the old Daley days when he ran the city. In fact, I knew Daley and even had lunch with him after the Kennedy/Nixon election. There was talk about how he manipulated the voting to insure a Kennedy victory. So, I asked if it was true. His response was "I'm very pleased with the part I played in the outcome of the election." I moved out of Illinois the next year and haven't been back.
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