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This is the results of having Teachers belong to a mafia group "the Union" which means they are to stupid to be a teacher to begin with.
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Don't Blame Romney

Richard86 Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 8:10 AM
I think the STUPID Republicans are the most SPINELESS bunch of people in the country, They will not face facts on the corruption of this administration. they let them get away with total disregard for the Constitution and the oath they took when sworn in. The speaker of the House is the worst in history, We need someone like Newt that can move something through, not a spineless crying individual with no balls.
The Associated Press would NOT know the truth about any thing if it hit them in the face. They would make it a lie if it did hit them. They have been so corrupted for so many years that they have become so LAZY, because someone else tells them what to say. NO integrity left.
What great plan does Obama have besides wrecking the country, 23 million people unemployed and the President has NOT done any thing to correct it except to finance green energy that is a front for his bundlers. He has sent more jobs overseas than any President period.
I believe your head must also be empty
He is not the only One the FBI, Home land Security and ICE are also involved along with Obama
Brian Terry should have asked for a photo I.D. if he had this case would have been solved long a go.
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