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Star Parker: Ben Carson on America's Education Challenge

Richard709 Wrote: Oct 27, 2012 5:00 AM
Not only should parents have a choice where to send their kids to a school, the schools should have a choice on what children remain in the school. If these two things can be encouraged and/or allowed, the face of education will change in the United States...for the better. Children now in schoolds where learning is nearly imposible, or achievement frowned upon by their peers, will suddenly be freed to excel.

In the midst of the third presidential debate in Florida, which was supposedly about foreign policy, President Barack Obama interjected a few words about American education.

The rationale was not unreasonable. A better-educated America will be a better-performing and more internationally competitive America.

"Let's talk about what we need to compete. ... Let's take an example that we know is going to make a difference in the 21st century and that's our education policy," he said.

Unfortunately, as is so often the case with politicians, what we hear...