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You can't accuse the SPLC of having any particular ideology beyond the almighty dollar. If every conservative in the land sent the SPLC a ten-dollar bill there would be no end of breathless "Left-wing" plots and alarums from the nation's most profitable "non-profit." As it is, the majority of the SPLC's donors are not conservative and many do not hold Christian ideals, which is why the SPLC can make comments like this on its "Hate Map" fundraising tool: "...[N]eo-Confederacy claims to pursue Christianity and heritage and other supposedly fundamental values that modern Americans are seen to have abandoned." Yeah. Christianity and other fundamental values that modern Americans have abandoned. http://wp.me/pCLYZ-gJ
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The SPLC Fails the Intelligence Test

Richard652 Wrote: May 01, 2012 11:00 AM
The SPLC claims it has designated 1,018 "hate groups" in the US in 2011, which is no mean feat as there is no legal definition of that term, meaning that even the FBI does not, cannot, designate "hate groups," but somehow this private fundraising outfit is qualified? Of those thousand-plus "hate groups," fully 247 of them aren't affiliated with any known city or town. They merely float out there in limbo padding the SPLC's fundraising propaganda. That's 25% right off the top. THIS is hard data? http://wp.me/pCLYZ-ce With more than $223 MILLION tax-free dollars in cash assets, it's hard to see where the term "poverty" belongs in their brand name at all.
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