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Hell Steve come down to my place in southern Indiana. You can't swing a cat without hitting half a dozen Tricerthingingys here.
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How The World Turned Against Israel

Richard614 Wrote: Jul 08, 2014 6:11 PM
The day Obama was declared president I thought, and said, "I sure would not want to be an Israeli now". Any fool could see that he was anti Israel - pro Musilm.
I don't think it will that easy. I think the next good man we get in there, if we get one, will be so unpopular there will be great civil unrest because it is going to hurt very much to fix the mess out we are making. Fist problem will be finding a good man willing to undergo the slander aimed at him by the alphabet press. Prayer might help but it may take pitchforks and pikes.
Muslim is probably more important than color. BHO doesn't really know what color he is.
I watched part of that interview. Why does Kelly bother with these zeros? You know they never shed any light on the issues. She would lie even if there was no reason to do it.
Well, hell Boehner, surely you don't expect this administration to help find the truth. One is hard pressed to think of a time when any truth came from this bunch about anything. They certainly are not going to help convict themselves. Maybe you should get the lead out and try doing something yourself.
Are you sure that is a 'she'? We better appoint a committee
Boehner will have a good cry and the rest of the republicans will harumph and growl and promise to investigate - business as usual. Even if we get this turkey out of office in 2016 and wake up enought to elect someone who can do something, that person will be very unpopular because it is going to hurt everyone.
I expect he will be asked what kind of tree he would be if he wasn't a complete zero.
Since they destroyed the email I suggest congress just assume whatever the victims tell them is true and act accordingly. Sounds fair to me.
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