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Romney Campaign Bus Being Used For Hurricane Relief Efforts

Richard31 Wrote: Oct 29, 2012 12:25 AM
Uhm... Much as I hate to say it, that is not unusual or extravagant. Especially in the last stages, when both candidates might be in Ohio in the morning, Iowa in the afternoon, and Florida that night - you have to move the buses as fast as the candidate does. These things aren't just typical tour buses for the senior citizens - they are actually more similar to mobile command posts for the staff. (Romney's bus will probably end up being such for local emergency coordinators in VA - they can't afford to keep them laying around for infrequent major disasters - I think they will appreciate it greatly.)

In a true example of leadership, Mitt Romney has sent his campaign bus to aid in hurricane relief as Hurricane Sandy prepares to slam into the northeast as early as tonight. Donations were being accepted today at the Romney campaign Virginia headquarters. Ann Romney was scheduled to appear in New Hampshire tomorrow, but has canceled plans so resources can be spent helping people affected by the storm. Twitchy has more: