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You know, Republicans (or other parties, for that matter) should just stop spending any money on producing ads. Gather up the Democrat ads, put a very short blurb in front of each one - "Hey, here's what Democrats REALLY think of (insert whatever they're hating on: the disabled, veterans, Blacks, Hispanics, women, homosexuals, Christians, Jews, Atheists...)." That's all - don't make any other "persuasive" statement - people don't want to be TOLD they are fools, but it will sink in to a lot of them with an ad campaign like this.
Extremely well said. A college should be able to do no more than suspend a student when, AND ONLY WHEN, criminal charges are filed against them. (With the exception of a very, very few things that do not get criminal charges, but are of concern to an educational establishment - such as plagiarism.)
Since this T-shirt vendor does do work for LGBT customers, but just did not want to print this message promoting homosexuality, what the Lexington Commission has actually said here is that they cannot deny service based on the message to be printed. So - anyone have some money for going into a homosexual-owned T-shirt vendor and ordering T-shirts with the message: "Faggots" "=" "Child Rapers" Yup, very offensive - but the homosexual printer can't deny you service now, your message is protected.
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Who Needs Work When We Have Obama?

Richard31 Wrote: Oct 04, 2014 11:58 AM
Unemployment is "those who would work if they could find a job." Participation is those who are "able-bodied and in the working age range who have a job." That "non-participating" number used to include those who did not need to work - spouses who could stay home, students that did not need a job to pay for college, the tiny minority who could retire early or live off the inheritance. Oh, and the military - they are counted as "non-participating." The problem is that the majority of the "non-participating" now are those who would work - but are not counted, because they are not on unemployment benefits.
Instead, they spend millions on Democrat politicians. You can tell where their priorities are - and who actually runs them.
Of course, it's politically cheap and divisive. We all know - or should, after being told SO many times - that women only think of, for, and with their vaginas.
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BREAKING: Eric Holder to Resign

Richard31 Wrote: Sep 25, 2014 12:36 PM
Note that the Fast and Furious murders are coming back to the foreground. Also note that a President cannot blanket pardon a serving Cabinet member for crimes committed during his or her tenure - but can do so for an ex-Cabinet member.
Well, of course they do - every lie told by the Administration is one they don't have to think up for themselves.
Well, I'm not giving any money or time to local Senate campaigns this year. Because neither of the amnesty for Mexican criminals, arms for ISIS terrorists Republicans is up for election. And I will vote for the House bimbo candidate - only because there MIGHT be one or two votes that she will cast differently from the one cut above Marxist replacement part for Pelosi's lap dog. Who is only there thanks to the local Republican party working AGAINST the Republican nominee four years ago. Enthusiasm and money you will get when you actually support someone who wants to do good for the country, not just for themselves. And when you actually stop working against the few that manage to get nominated against your opposition.
Need to repackage into easily concealed, opaque plastic bags. Then they can hang around the schools, offering passersby dime bags of Thin Mints.
Re: "Good and bad traditions." It's tradition that we don't hang judges. Maybe that is one of the bad ones...
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