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Need to repackage into easily concealed, opaque plastic bags. Then they can hang around the schools, offering passersby dime bags of Thin Mints.
Re: "Good and bad traditions." It's tradition that we don't hang judges. Maybe that is one of the bad ones...
Hang tough, Kroger. I don't want to change my grocery store. Too bad we can't run counter-ads. The little kid being hustled out of Trader Joe's by a sleazebag. The Arab terrorist holding hostages in Whole Foods.
Amazing. I would have thought the last two graphs would show a strong downward trend. (Oh, I forgot - the testing is constantly "renormalized" to ensure the increase of ignorance is kept hidden. They learned that from the climate "scientists" and the "economists.")
Wups, forgot angle brackets (too late - or early, one). "Democrat" NOT = "Conservative."
Not a PaulBot (I thoroughly detest the idiot). But you are claiming "Republican" = "Conservative" - which is false assertion. "Democrat" "Conservative" is valid, "Conservative" = "Republican" is valid - but not the other way around.
OK, a reply, although not in the hypothetical. My choices are: (D) Fully made member of the drug, sex slave, and labor slave running Mexican gangs. (R) McCain clone that benefits from the labor slave running, but is not a front for the gangs (and, so far as I can find out, does not particularly benefit from the drug and sex slave part of the business). (S)ocialist - 'nuff said. (G)reen - again, 'nuff said. (L)ibertarian - the same one they run every cycle; an ex-prostitute and current pot farmer, radical vegetarian, and PETA member. Right... Now, the least odorous among these selections, the (R) has a slight chance of defeating the (D). So, I will vote for that one. Then, starting the first Wednesday of November, I will start working again at booting her behind, and those of her backers, out of politics in the 2016 primary. Now, if she really had no chance whatsoever (which is the case in the next District over, where the Mexican Marxist reigns over his peons) - I would write the name of a family member in the appropriate box. Hope this helps...
Sigh. Yes, if the choice is between Satan and one of his lesser demons, that's what you're stuck with. It would be so nice, though, if we could at least get one choice that is just a Purgatory attendant... (Wishing for Angels is, well, useless these days.)
Associated Press "journalism" at its finest. How hard is it to call up someone familiar with Iowa politics and ask them a simple question? Was Sorenson such a "good" endorsement that Paul would have bribed him to get his support? Or was he so "toxic" that Bachmann would have paid him off to get him to go away? Even the worst "hack reporter" used to be able to do that...
You forgot the GOAT vote - 100% for garbage like Ellison!
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