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The Lees are the only decent branch of that entire extended family. We got rid of one of them this year - Uterus Udall. One more to go. FYI, Huntsman is a big player on the Atlantic Council - in other words, a Tranzi stooge. Just goes to show that there isn't a "Mormon Conspiracy" any more than there's a "Jew Conspiracy" - the majority of both groups consistently prove their complete idiocy and vote for the very people that will happily suppress their religion, rape their women, and murder their children.
Better yet - purchasing alcohol with a CO drivers license as ID - tax free.
Vermont - 1 Representative, 3 Electoral College votes. California - 53 Representatives, 55 Electoral College votes. They WON'T pay for it - everyone else will (including the idiots in Vermont).
+1 (Wish we had a real voting system here...)
Note that this is the case right now - if your doctor accepts even ONE Medicare or Medicaid patient. Treat even one private patient with a "non-approved" procedure, and they'll never see a single dime from the Feds ever again.
That is the plan - national single payer. What happens then is that businesses and individuals have nowhere to go to escape - except bankruptcy court. Every last one of these starry-eyed idealists should be required to spend a year on an exchange program with a "middle class" family in Sweden, Germany, etc.
Another question - how many times did he vote FOR cloture to end Democrat filibusters of Bush nominees? Reagan nominees?
Why, thank you, Red China! You may have saved us a week or so of appearances by our own tin-pot dictator, while he sulks about not receiving this prestigious award.
More part-time and temporary jobs, and yet another decrease in workforce participation? Yeah, right, we're supposed to cheer...
People are now paying for a piece of paper - one that says "health insurance policy" on it. A piece of paper is not health care.
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