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No, you just need a camera that you can detach from your vehicle and carry with you to record every interaction. Since you need one anyway whenever you deal with Governor Moonbeam's Brown Shirt Brigade, that shouldn't be all that much of an imposition.
College law - guilty (whether ever proved innocent or not).
Some interesting phraseology, yes. We won't have to worry much longer about the California nutcases. If either participant in sexual activity has a mental condition (i.e., is a Democrat or similar), or is under the influence of drugs (a very, very tiny minority), then they are guilty of sexual assault (most likely both of them, as a matter of fact). No more reproduction in California. (But I have no idea what Planned Parenthood is going to do without their baby butcher factory income. Think they made a little mistake, there, eh?)
Well, I don't consider polygamy to be "undesirable" - I consider it to be, prima-facie, INSANE. But that is not from any religious considerations...
Come back anytime, y'all. Just make sure the current residents are at home, please.
Many people feel that Dawkins belongs on a very long list of beings that society would be far better off without them in the world. But we don't advocate poisoning him, or chopping him up into little pieces and throwing him into the incinerator for heat. "Ethologists" rarely have ethics. He is fortunate that his is an extremely narrow field of "study."
Unless, as the author noted, it is an attractive (stacked, and ONLY a t-shirt) female. Not gonna do it myself - nobody, including the spouse, wants to see MY nipples all crinkled.
Is there a Fry's Food Store? That's Kroger, too (merger many years ago, but they kept the brand name that had been built up).
Yep. Durn it, though, I can't switch, because they are already my goto store. (FYI - the Fry's Food Stores chain is also Kroger.) Even their cheap store brand is decent quality. Although I rarely carry at my local store - they have a police substation literally right outside their door, less than five seconds away that is manned during the day. (They put it in as a courtesy place for the cops to sit down with a donut and coffee to do their paperwork. Then the cops began having someone there continuously from about 6 AM to 8 PM.)
Embarrassment, not. Pure unadulterated fear, yes. Travis County finally hit a critical mass of insanity, in their view. Think of the precedent, here. If you can file criminal charges against a politician for exercising the duties of their position in a way that does not please you - all politicians will suddenly be vulnerable to a plethora of charges. Republican and Democrat, both - but especially Democrats.
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