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I think the objective is for some idiot "lone wolf" to try it, and get caught. Justifies their existence. Now, on the other hand, thermite in non-aviation locations COULD be a problem. Although there are still many "safer" things for a non-suicidal terrorist to use. And, while the suicides are willing to go to Paradise for their 72 virgins, they want to just be alive one second and fornicating the next - burning to death over several seconds (and, possibly NOT dying) is not quite so attractive, IMHO...
Oooh, thermite detcord. Sound spectacular, but - no. Detcord is PETN - a very fast (about 4 MILES per second) explosive encased in a plastic tube. That speed is why it's used where you have several explosive packages that you want to go off darn near simultaneously.
Yup. It's also easy to detect - yes, idiots at TSA, it is almost completely METAL, which you (supposedly) are able to detect large masses of already???? Igniting it is simple - assuming you have a magnesium strip and a propane torch... Or a flare will work, too... Are you idiots at TSA unable to detect someone getting on with a torch or a flare???? Now, putting it out is almost impossible, and not practical on an airplane in any case - so we can let TSA slide on that one. About all you can do is either disperse it (always causing MUCH more trouble unless you have a large area to disperse it into, but at least maybe keeping it from melting through whatever is under it), or dump large amounts of sand on top of it (which doesn't stop the burning, just keeps it from spreading - it sends large numbers of burning metal droplets all over the place).
Having been married for just shy of 30 years, I know what it takes for a woman to look "presentable" for just a regular day out. That she managed (with help from Warner Bros.) to do it when in the middle of a murder trial, in a hostile environment (Hollywood), and normal family responsibilities (small children) - is noteworthy, IMHO.
Excellent article. But you owe me a gallon of industrial-strength mind bleach for the title.
Grammar Police here - use of an incorrect conjunction. Full frontal lobotomy AND becoming a "progressive." (Assuming you were not born with the brain damage.)
"What liberals don’t understand is that a free and unrestricted web is the best check that we have against the rich and powerful." WRONG! They understand this quite well. Which is why they want a bound and gagged web - to protect themselves.
Or health care. In a perverse way, it is a good thing that we had such severe "global warming" in so many parts of the country this year. More LIVs getting sick and discovering that what they have for their money (even the smallest amount after a subsidy) is a pretty piece of paper saying "health insurance" - not health care. We can tell them for years about the scam (and we have) - but their wallet shouts MUCH louder.
Yet another Regressive inadvertently speaks the truth about their agenda. And, yet, the Black voting bloc is still firmly in their camp.
The other thing is that you can usually remember which Republican is associated with what scandal. There are so many corrupt Democrats, you can't keep track of them all. Case in point - I thought this one was the one caught in bigamy. Oh well...
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