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Prop-a-palooza: The Use and Abuse of Kiddie Human Shields

richard2911 Wrote: Jan 16, 2013 12:32 PM
You do not see the real story here. Using children as props is a way to have them to tell on their parents, grandparents and other relatives when the CDC says that when children go to get APPROVED health care they will ask them for the "children s" health if their guns in the home and that will be recorded and then if anything happens the family will have to give up their guns for the children s health and that will be for the psychiatric well being. This I knew when Obama asked CDC to get involved. Hitler used the youth to report on the parents and friends, Stalin used the youth same way, Mao (who is the great philosopher as one of his advisers called Mao) and each dictator has used children for the purpose of destroying order.

The president of the United States will release a binder full of new gun-control executive orders on Wednesday. Instead of standing alone, bearing full responsibility for the imperial actions he is about to take, President Obama will surround himself with an audience of kids who wrote to him after the Newtown, Conn., school massacre. This is the most cynical in Beltway theatrical staging -- a feckless attempt to invoke "For the Children" immunity by hiding behind them.

What has happened to the deliberative process in this country? Public debate in Washington has deteriorated into Sesame Street sing-a-longs. We are already inundated...