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Navy Removes Bibles From Guest Rooms

richard2911 Wrote: Aug 12, 2014 4:45 PM
Let me get this straight 2,TWO, II, and if I could spell it in other languages I would that is how many Mikey said objected to the Bibles? What are these two going to do when they see the likes of ISIS or some other enemy? If a Bible scares them what chickens. I see things each day that I don't like yet that is OK .
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Who'll Build the Roads?

richard2911 Wrote: Jul 16, 2014 11:57 AM
Bike paths paid for with road tax is wrong yet I have seen them along the side of highways and they were constructed with new construction. If we are going to build bike paths then add to the price of bikes a tax for that purpose. Since 1968 I have been traveling I40 in West Memphis, AR. It has NEVER been without construction and it is the same ripping up the road replacing with same material and as soon as they finish within 6 months it all starts all over again. Some road construction company has a permanent job at pour expense. Also I seen miles of new overlay on I55 and other US Highways being done when there was no sign of need. Again crony work for campaign donations that is why the trust fund is broke!
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The Wrong Type of Values

richard2911 Wrote: Jul 04, 2014 8:33 AM
Hobby Lobby and their sister companies were not being signaled out because they did not want to supply abortion drugs entirely. They were being signaled out because they are a Christian based company and if they are allowed to succeed others may start Christian based business and then the business ethics of their companies would be wrong for the left. What if we had Christian based internet social pages? What if we had Christian based insurance companies? What if we had Christian based you named the business?
Being a bureaucrat is the one position in the employment of the country where doing your assigned job is not required. The only thing you are required to do is show up (maybe) and occupy a chair for approximately 8 hours then leave have great retirement,vacation, and if you push enough paper to LOOK like you are busy and if you do that well first you get a bonus and your supervisor also does. NO WORK REQUIRED!
To think like a leftist abortion is OK for children to be killed at any in the womb but when we pass laws against 2nd amendment to protect the children. We say we must protect the religious freedom of all "beliefs" except Christianity. We can promote books, movies, video games that go against all norms but to stand for Judeo-Christian but the guilty is the Christian who demands clear thought.
I am having a difficult time getting my thoughts around the liberal thought. First we have men or women convicted of a sex crime vetted out and there living place placed on police bulletins and let their neighbors know where they live so as a good rule to protect the community in case they revert to their crime. But a transgender person can use the facilities they "feel" comfortable in even if the opposite of their equipment. We allow homosexuals to be scouts and even leaders yet again if a person convicted of a sex crime even minor he cannot live close to a school for protection on the students and rightly so. We do all sorts of things for the "kids' except let them be born.
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Violent Video Games And Mass Murder

richard2911 Wrote: May 30, 2014 10:06 AM
Thanks for the very good article and for those defending the violent video games reflects maybe it does affect you if you play them but you need to understand one thing as you play them. Who created them and what was their mindset. Many years ago I was listening to a sermon on the culture. It was way before Sandy Hook and all the others since and he knew of a young man who was a creator of the games but gave his life to Jesus and quit doing that. His reason after his Salvation was that he was able to see the real "person" behind the games of violence was Satan. So deny all you want those who are jumping down Michael Brown for pointing out need to use all caution but stand back and look.
Dean197 are you one of the 29 cowards or 4 faculty members who hide behind MRFF?
Christians who are strong in their beliefs do not "proselytize" they present their belief and ask for a response and if the answer is no walk away. But they still are their friend and are always there if need arises. Dean197 you have a very dim view of what Christians are.
You are so right
Did not finish my account. I had a company credit card and I had to have proof of all purchases that were company related and sign off to say all were true. If not I was responsible for the charges and it was deducted from my pay THEN! The government should get out of credit card business and only pay for TURNED in expense reports that meet per diem rates!
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