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Dean197 are you one of the 29 cowards or 4 faculty members who hide behind MRFF?
Christians who are strong in their beliefs do not "proselytize" they present their belief and ask for a response and if the answer is no walk away. But they still are their friend and are always there if need arises. Dean197 you have a very dim view of what Christians are.
You are so right
Did not finish my account. I had a company credit card and I had to have proof of all purchases that were company related and sign off to say all were true. If not I was responsible for the charges and it was deducted from my pay THEN! The government should get out of credit card business and only pay for TURNED in expense reports that meet per diem rates!
Do away with government credit cards. Second any charges that are for personal use are to be deducted from pay until paid off and that means the full pay check or a personal check to government for the amount. Then termination without retirement or any benefits period. In private industry this is how they do it. At one time I had a comapcompany credit card
We are the greatest Military because of our inherit morality based upon the Judea-Christian principles and that is why we are trusted (or were). Would our military take unlawful orders? Before the last few years the answer was no. When you have an immoral legislature who OK abortion, homosexuality, etc. and use the military for meals on wheels etc. and now let's the outside leftist dictate this type of garbage we have lost the war.wherever we go. Where are the Generals Like Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin?
With men like McConnell in the Republican party why should the Democrats spend a dime other than to reward those who run their ads. People of KY think Matt Bevin don't get sucked in to McConnell's deal that he knows where the Senate bathroom is. And I firmly believe you rent in Washington and own your home is the state that elects you. Good by Pat Roberts!
We will see how gullible the voters of the 26th are if they believe that he is running away from Obamacare with Pelosi's PAC backing him. I can read this without passing to know what is in it. He is blaming others for the bad law not the bad law!
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Lots of Laughs, but Sad Commentary

richard2911 Wrote: Jan 31, 2014 1:45 PM
Check the Davis Bacon wage rates for any area and see what they are. Most of them are higher for common labor than the $10.10/hr. It is easy to find just ask a contractor working on a federal job to see the Davis Bacon rates. The ask the Great Walter E. Williams why the Davis Bacon wage rates came into being. It was a way for northern unions to punish as they would say cheap labor coming up from the south during FDR's term.
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The 'Trickle-Down' Lie

richard2911 Wrote: Jan 08, 2014 12:51 PM
So the President says "we give more and more to those who are "rich" and that keeps me from having "more"! Yes I give more to local grocery store so they will have what I need to feed myself the next time I am there. I give more to the gas station, drug store, WalMart, local hardware store etc. and all so each time I go there I will be able to buy what I need. They also take the risk in purchasing and operating the place of business and for all that they hope to earn a profit. I say more power to them. I remember when the new things cost 5 times what they do today and I could not afford the new then but now I can own a DVD player, laptop computer, surf the internet, etc. all because. someone took a risk so they could earn more so I say give them more and I will enjoy a better life.
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