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It would be more appropriate to name the stalls in public ladies rooms after him.
Wasn't that the Brits that we beat way back there in our history? Oklahoma may as well name that law the King George Carry Law. But it's good no matter what they call it.
Harry Reid is just your ordinary run-of-the-mill democrat parasite, whose motto is "Keep the slaves lazy, and they'll never leave the plantation." Nothing bad enough can happen to these creeps. Let's see more news of horrible things that happen to them, so we can get at least some joy from seeing their names in print and hearing them on TV and radio.
Judges like this creep should be struck down themselves... by any means available!
The morons who still vote democrat don't consider Feinstein to be important, except in her own sphere. Hillary is installed on the MT Olympus of the demo hierarchy, and all they care about is that "she can beat any republican". It's not even a football game to these jerks; it's really only a soccer game.
Paine get it right: No Paine, no wisdom! And Obama has a formula that has worked for centuries in the Islamic world. Money = Power; Power = Sex. That's all there is in Islamic society. And Obama's breaking down of American ideals is like a boot camp to prepare Americans for the slavery of Islam. They don't call it submission for nothing. Oh yeah... and they're lying about who it is to whom you must submit.
It seems that most political writers are appalled by the bad results of Obama's decisions in many areas, including the wars in the Middle East. Why is it that a regular citizen like myself saw Obama from the beginning in 2008 as a muslim enemy of America who was on active jihad, just as much as binLaden? Where are the pundits who will call a spade a spade, and condemn this fake as a traitor? I'm disgusted that all they do is act amazed, surprised, shocked at his antics. And yet everything he does is compatible ONLY with his muslim jihad, and completely contrary to any former US policy. And look at his former State Dep't. chief, Hillary Clinton, who is a phony all the way to the story behind her name, who is the front runner now for the 2016 Democratic Party presidential candidate. It seems that the entire DNC leadership is in love with Marxist ideology, and our pundits act as if there are simply differing acceptable policies clashing. This is a REVOLUTION and America has all but lost it. We are about to be taken down hard, and all our pundits can say is how difficult it is to understand their actions. It's real easy to see if they just open their eyes to Obama's past, Clinton's past, and look for the templates that fit them both, and plenty of others in the DNC. The common denominator is a past association, affiliation, or supposedly passing interest in some form of Marxism. This is NOT brain surgery ,people.
Let's hope he IS more lastingly consequential! And let's hope that a conservative presidential candidate with some courage, instead of a political barometer like John McCain's, will win the presidency. Only then will the necessity of brutal action be accepted by the American conservatives, and they are the ones who matter. The only way this traitor's legacy will be fairly portrayed is to have him buried soon in a prominent Washington, D.C. location with a urinal for a headstone. And our new, truly conservative President must be prepared to reverse any laws of Obama's that he wants, and to slap the media with their own hypocrisy when they complain about it. Only a fighter with street instincts can set this country on the right path after this filthy muslim traitor has defiled it with the help of the media sucklings and weak-kneed republicans. Obama is more dangerous to America than Fidel Castro was to Cuba. There can be no serious argument with that statement.
Global Warming Enthusiasts (GWEs) do not have scientific goals and methods. Their adherence to GW is a matter of a very low-grade religion. It makes them feel good, and that is all that matter to them. The best treatment for them is ridicule and shunning. They are children and will respond to those treatments, regardless of their ages.
I like John Ransom's writings and the accuracy and boldness of his columns, but there is one thing that makes reading this article and plenty of others, far more work than it should be. The habit I'm referring to is the way that initialed references to previously spelled out names of organizations and titles is handled. There is an industry-wide rule of thumb that does work, if it is used consistently. The rule is: If more than one reference to one of these alphabet-soup names is used in the article, the first use of the full name must carry the abbreviation with it, in parenthesis. This serves to notify the reader that this name will appear later in the article, and it makes finding the full name of the abbreviation far easier for the reader. That's a good thing, and so simple to do. Often, it is the duty of editors to perform this, though, since articles do get changed in editing. But for columns, not so much. So it is the duty of the columnist to take care of it. Sorry for the nit-picking, but this lack of attention to a tiny detail is common with today's writers, and it makes one wonder what style book is in use, if any, at most publications.
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Huntsman 2016?

RICHARD2903 Wrote: Nov 28, 2013 4:11 PM
Please! Don't' even think about this clown for our candidate! Now, I realize that his democrat leanings may appeal to the hierarchy at the GOP, but they have a pretty bad record lately, and are not to be trusted when the nation is so close to being toppled into a socialist nightmare. The DNC would make a total fool of him every day.
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