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And, just what did anyone think ahead of this ruling. Here is a start. "The fish rots from the head. And, just who ids the head of the DOJ?"
The Republicans will take control of the Senate. There will be a number of exploding heads on the Democratic side as progressive liberals have conniption fits. The Republicans are going to start to take seriously that Conservatives are fed up with Republicans who are no different than Democrats. If King (NY), McConnell, Rove, Graham, and McCain still want a fight after this election then let the battle begin.
Excellent. Couldn't happen to a more deserving guy.
That comment is a keeper.
Correction. Obama was never a professor of constitutional law. He was a part-time, temporary adjunct instructor who taught an introductory class in constitutional law because the tenure-track professors didn't want to teach this introductory level course.
And, I have no problem donating to the Tea Party causes without a tax write-off.
My wife and I are friends with a couple who live in Nevada. After Sharron Angle lost the Nevada senate race I asked her how did that happen. She expressed total shock and surprise and stated that within the state it looked as if Angle was the shoe-in candidate and did not understand how Reid won the election. With regard to Christine O'Donnell, Karl Rove and his ilk made sure that O'Donnell did not win by orchestrating a missle attack from Republicans and the right against O'Donnell. I am basically done with the RNC and the Republican Party. Go find your support from someone else. BTW - the Democrats are going to be emasculated by the mid-term elections, and the Republicans are going to get their chain jerked. But, my guess is that they still won't get it.
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