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Clinton: Romney's Welfare Claims Are "Not True"

Richard2489 Wrote: Aug 09, 2012 6:29 AM
Like Bill Clinton has never lied to the American people. Obama could have trashed the entire law and Clinton being a Democrat would be saying the same thing just to protect their precious candidate. I am so sock of the Liberals and their bold faced lies.

The Romney campaign's new ad hitting President Obama on his administration's unilateral decision to lawlessly undermine key provisions of the 1996 bipartisan welfare reform act has Democrats up in arms.  Liberal writers are denouncing the charge as racist (because, evidently, they automatically associate welfare programs with minorities), a Lefty fact-check organization has rated the ad "pants on fire" false, and former President Clinton released a statement calling Romney's assertions "not true."  Let's ignore the predictable and unseemly race-baiting and discuss the latter two criticisms.  Here's how Politifact defends its "