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If they do not throw out Obamacare on the severability clause then it will mean rewriting all contractual law. It will set a prescedence where contracts that do not have a severability clause will be enforceable regardless. Again, another destructive stance in the Rule of Law. No wonder businesses are standing on the sidelines and not expanding or hiring.
The sad yhing is that states like California which is dying under Oblamer will still vote Democrat and Oblamer will carry the state. When you have a state that has a majority of Liberals, they will almost never elect a Conservative to a state wide or national post.
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Racial Double Standards

Richard2489 Wrote: Jun 20, 2012 6:33 AM
When it comes to racism, Blacks are the most racist people around and nothing is said. It has become much worse under Oblamer and I would say that race relations have been set back at least 40 years under this narcisist.
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Regulating Political Speech

Richard2489 Wrote: Jun 20, 2012 6:26 AM
I am all for free speech but what needs to be controlled is the making up and out and out lies that are being played to the public by candidates, politicians and the media. I think that the media if caught in a lie or fabrication should loose their license and a candidate or politician should be disqualified or removed from office. As a country, we cannot make the proper decisions when the information used to make those decisions are actually out and out lies.
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The First World Tax

Richard2489 Wrote: Jun 14, 2012 8:45 AM
The UN has become a gang of third world thugs that act like oldworld vikings pillaging nations for goods taking whatever they want. It is no longer about maintaining peace, it is about the developed world being ransacked by a gang of thugs to try and level the playing field for countries that have been run for centuries by brutal dictators. How about teaching the people how to stand up for themselves while using the drones to get rid of the dictators freeing all the slaves that they have created.
If anyone has any doubts that this is politically motivated they are complete idiots. There is absolutely no reason not to protect the vote unless you are trying to do something illegal. This is another thing that should be investigated and if Obama is involved, he needs to be put on trial for treason.
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Will Heads Roll for the Stuxnet Leak?

Richard2489 Wrote: Jun 13, 2012 7:57 AM
Congress needs to tell Obama that they have had it with his administration and launch a massive Congressional investigation letting Obama know that if they find out that he had any part in the leak that he will be tried for treason.
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