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Tuning Into Obama Post-arrest Speech at Halfway Point Proves Jolting

richard2416 Wrote: Apr 26, 2013 6:59 AM
Nothing new from this anti-American, pro-Muslim sock puppet of the Saudis. We need to impeach this POS NOW before more American lives are lost to the Muslim savages. I guess I have the limp-wristed,slobbering, bed-wetting left-wingnuts attention now.
I happened to hear President Obama halfway into his remarks on the evening that the surviving Boston Marathon terrorist was captured. By pure happenstance, I caught the following sentences as the very first words I heard of his message to the nation. They were shocking, and they basically confirmed what I had suspected for ages. The first words I heard was, "... that American spirit includes remaining true to the diversity that makes us strong."

I get diversity, and I get inclusiveness and all that stuff. But in a short speech to calm a nation that once again was the victim...