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Sorry, they have reserved that for white patriots.
You are so wrong on every point I would not know where to start. The barbarians will riot either way . Either to celebrate Z's unjust guilty verdict or his justified release. What a low information drone.
Nothing new from this anti-American, pro-Muslim sock puppet of the Saudis. We need to impeach this POS NOW before more American lives are lost to the Muslim savages. I guess I have the limp-wristed,slobbering, bed-wetting left-wingnuts attention now.
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Why Do Radical Muslims Hate Us?

richard2416 Wrote: Apr 23, 2013 9:08 AM
Every time I hear someone call Islam terrorist RADICAL it set my hair on fire! The term radical Islamist terrorists is redundant. Islam terrorists are following the dictates of their Koran and the Hadith. Their so-called “Holy Books” call for the killing or domination of all infidels. They are just following their faith just a faithful Christians follow the teaching of Christ. So-called “moderate” Muslims are like Easter and Christmas Christians. I hear this from Christians who have escaped the Muslim “religion”. Which BTW is NOT a religion but a system of world domination. Why do they hate us? Because their "Holy books" and Imams teach it. Simple!!
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A Shameful Day for President Obama

richard2416 Wrote: Apr 19, 2013 10:05 AM
If anyone thing the Black Jesus is through going after our guns think again. Never forget his over nine hundred executive orders. Here come more aimed at our 2nd amendment rights. This thug won’t give up that quickly.
As a 70 year-old gun dog it drives me crazy to see both young and old people walking with their heads up their behinds. Talking/texting on their phones they are in a walking coma. Talking on a phone usually limits your view to the side your phone is on. These people are screaming VICTIM! When I am out (armed) I am constantly scanning my area. Also you can tell a victim just the way they carry themselves. I call it walking strong when you project the “don’t mess with me because I will beat you down” attitude when you perceive a possible threat. Also it is always is a good practice to mark in your mind exits in a restaurant and set facing the entrance if possible. If I’m with a party I sit on the outside of a booth.
You have been lost since you momma pooped you out.
We already have background checks Dumb and Dumber. I have a CCW and was given a complete background check for the CCW and before that I was background checked every time I bought a gun Dumbazz. We can tell you don't know which end a bullet comes out of. No wonder your son is dumb. Like father like son. Gibbering primate, how did you ever learn to use a keyboard
Only because you are too dumb to count beyond 10 primate. Gals like Katie must have you pukes wetting your Depends. LMAO
If "Dumb Son" ever got shot in the head he would never notice. There has to be something up there to damage. Dumb and Dumber is more like it. What a left-wingnut mouth-breathing loser.
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