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Civic Illiteracy Won the White House for Obama

richard2416 Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 2:06 PM
Obama and even more his blind and stupid followers are a bigger threat than the Muslim terrorists that call him friend. While they can do a great deal of harm to our country, their attacks tend to unite us while Obama and his greedy subjects drain America of it’s life blood everyday. If you had sat for 12 hours in a poll in the heart of the ghetto as a poll watcher for Romney as I did yesterday you would know how The Marxist trash won! The steady stream of both white and black moochers, parasites, and general trash that flowed through there like a polluted river was frightening. I could only cringe and say to myself “My God! These are the people who will choose America’s leader for four more years. Our country cannot recover as long as the
It was only 7:15 last Tuesday evening when my daughter, who works in conservative journalism, texted me to say the election was lost. For a painful four hours, I watched the results confirm her early analysis. When it was clear the president would be re-elected and Republican challenger Mitt Romney had lost, I took an over-the-counter sleep aid and went to bed.

On Wednesday, I began a weeklong home improvement bender, drowning my sorrows in a five-gallon bucket of latex paint the color of vanilla creme. But there was no painting over my pessimism about the future.