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How did the authorities know that this woman was poor? What a lame excuse to protect a woman that almost killed her own children! Her children are now in protective custody so they won't have to worry about the actions the their stupid mother.
Good for you. I see you irritated some union bretheren by the comments to your post. All unions do is take money from your paycheck and funnel it to the Democrat party. Hell, no Unions things would cost a whole lot less!
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Kudlow Goes One-on-One with Paul Ryan

Richard2238 Wrote: Aug 26, 2012 3:10 PM
Great, great, great, interview Mr. Kudlow. I have seen you off and on over the years and you are one of the few professional journalists left at NBC. Great questions and Congressman Ryan was able to articulate the direction the country needs to move. Please do more interviews of Mr. Ryan and hopefully Mr. Romney.
It always bothered most people when politicians get elected they immediately get a lobotomy. What bothered me the most is they double down and get their spines removed at the same time. It's obvious Representative Bost missed both medical procedures! Keep up the good work!
That was the first thing I noticed. If I was a fellow Republican or Conservative I would have been on my feet or doing a Kruschev pounding my shoe on the desk! Tell Representative Bost we'll welcome him in Florida!
Who is the woman behind him? Does anyone know?
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