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Fans ask – “Is the NFL fixed?”

Richard20 Wrote: Jan 09, 2015 9:18 AM
You nailed it, sparcboy. The NFL is entertainment. I have resisted the notion that these games are rigged for years, but the number of "coincidences" leading to marketable games has my hinkey-meter jumping more and more all the time. I don't want to believe that corruption exists, but I have lived on this earth too long to be that naive.
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Napoleon in the Middle East

Richard20 Wrote: Jan 08, 2015 10:55 AM
The American public does not understand that the conflict between the West and Islam has been underway for over a millennium, and that the 100 year period of relative peace is an inconsequential blip in the historic struggle. Our newly instituted policy of appeasement and acceptance has been attempted many times throughout history, by both sides, and has always resulted in renewed conflict. To see clearly the danger of current policies one only needs to read some history of the region. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
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The Black Brunch Brats

Richard20 Wrote: Jan 07, 2015 7:32 AM
They really, really feel the need to protest! But you know, like, it's COLD! "So, um, yeah. Let's all meet at the brunch. We can show our @ss and they have free wifi!" I had to laugh at the whole charade.
Love it! Thank's John. This needs to be repeated loudly and often.
Ack! The karma of criticizing someone else's writing strikes. The above should read "... in the first sentence of the piece." Told you I wasn't perfect.
"Campaign workers for a perspective North Carolina state senator..." Really? The word is "prospective." Are the interns running the place unsupervised again? Where are the editors? The liberals accuse us of being troglodytes and we give them the ammunition is the first sentence of the piece. I dislike the roll of Grammar Nazi, and God knows I am not perfect, but I can't let the blatant error in word usage here go unnoticed. A word to budding authors: buy a dictionary. Check any word that you are the slightest bit unsure about before publishing - especially when a trained editor is not available to proof your piece.
I tend to like the idea of a PAE. If it were my intellectual property that had been scooped up by another interest, and they were openly competing with me and I didn't have the resources to actively challenge them, you bet your sweet unmentionables that I would be seeking the aid of such an entity. In my mind, PAEs don't stifle innovation. They stifle blatant rip-offs of other peoples ideas and development investments.
It sounds like wonderful news, Michael, but you will excuse me if I don't fall for your sunshine and roses prognostications again. I remember all too well reading your columns prior to the outcome of the last presidential election, and false hope is the bitterest in the end. And though I realize that your efforts were directed to the get-out-the-vote, be-part-of-the-victory strategy in the waning hours of the campaign, that knowledge did little to mitigate your loss of credibility. In the future, conservative pundits should under-promise and let the GOP over-deliver. It's better for everyone that way.
Racking my brain trying to figure out who he could possibly mean. 30 years ago there were some countries approaching that description, but that's ancient history.
Read this article to find out the names of Islamic countries thought to be civilized. The article obliged with a comprehensive list.
I wish Vlad was on our side. I'd trade Obama and three first round draft choices, along with Obama's entire cheer-leading corp for an option on him. If it weren't for his obvious national loyalty and old school red philosophies...
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